1. C

    Meet Up/Gathering Youtuber - Prank/Comedy Collaboration/ looking for people interested in working on prank/comedy videos together

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to start a prank based YouTube channel for a long time and my friends are never committed to starting a channel with good content. I am 21 years old, from Windsor, On and I would be willing with travelling up to Toronto if need be. I love channels like NELK and...
  2. R

    Comedy youtube collab

    hi everyone i'm here to get a collab with someone, i'm a prank channel so some prank would be good. Area; London (England) any enquires: someone around my sub count will be good. we will think of an...
  3. TeeDottie1

    Vlog Hi, Collabs in the Upstate NY area?

    Hey guys, I am Tee, and my other half is Zee. Yes, were two girls!! Let me tell you a little about us. We started youtube a few months ago, and just fell in love!! The positivity and love from the youtube community was amazing!! Our Channel is ( Tee & Zee Dott) Everyone is welcomed!! We hit a...
  4. Ray Bayne

    Comedy Who wants to do a dares prank collab?

    What up, I make prank style videos and am currently in Las Vegas. Looking for anyone who wants to do a dare vs dare type of video. Planning to chop up the footage so a meetup wouldn't be necessary although preferred. I have 2k subs, so anyone around that range is welcome. <3
  5. Valentinas Playhouse

    I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

    If your kids love YouTube make sure to subscribe to my channel on their iPad's & Tablets
  6. Martika

    Vlog Houston Newbie looking to collab online. Lets do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, and more.

    Houston TX Newbie looking to collab online/in person. Let's get together to do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, Q&A, and more. I'm a single mom looking to build a friendship via YT or in person. Let's get creative, have fun, and build a family you guys. Open to suggestion. Lets work together. XO
  7. Brandon Granberg


    hi guys! I do a prank channel on strangers! The only thing is I don’t want to prank strangers anymore because some people have fallen on the ground or have gotten offended! I want to change the channel so I am only pranking my friends! And doing social experiments on strangers instead...
  8. Wahduhhec

    Comedy Any New Yorkers in the house?

    looking to meet up with anyone in the New York area to shoot some vlogs/pranks let a guy know.
  9. T

    Prank ideas on boyfriend?

    Anybody know any SUPER good prank ideas to pull on my boyfriend? Something crazy lmao suggest anything nothing is a bad answer! Thanks guys !!
  10. T

    Challenge and prank ideas?

    My boyfriend and I have a YouTube channel called Tressa and James. We do pranks, vlogs, challenges and more. We’ve run out of ideas for challenges so we’ve just been doing reaction videos but they aren’t getting many views AT ALL. People love when we post challenges. If anyone has and challenge...
  11. D

    Meet Up/Gathering Toronto Meet Up - Looking to start prank group

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to start a prank based YouTube channel for a long time and my friends are never committed to starting a channel with good content. I am 24 years old, from Barrie, ON. Love channels on YouTube like Life according to jimmy, NELK, any good vloggers andjust any...
  12. Courtney Candice

    Trolling people on tinder

  13. Jeffrey Saldana

    Vlog Any vloggers around san bernardino, rivererside or even los angeles looking to collab contact us.

    Looking for any type of collab not to distant from us to help grow each others channels. If you have any ideas or questions contact us so we can figure it out together and develop a better understanding.

    Balloon Prank On Patio! 200 Balloons! Insane!!!

    This balloon prank is one of many evil household pranks that is simple and easy to do. This is not a common prank. This is one of the best of 10 household pranks that anyone can do. This is just insane. 200 balloons! That's just crazy! Took me forever to do. I covered her patio in balloons. Hope...
  15. DenVee

    Denvee 700 subscribers!

    Just hit 700 subscribers on Thursday! Next goal is 1k. Been a long time coming but hopefully growth from now! Let me know how you guys are doing :)
  16. DenVee

    Length of intros?

    How long is everybody's intro for their videos? I remember someone saying short ones are really good because it reduces the time people can click off your video before it actually starts, is I keep mine to 4 seconds short. Thoughts?
  17. Courtney Candice

    Troll tinder

  18. A

    Comedy Pranksters in Chicago willing to collab?

    Hey guys, I have a YouTube channel that I have been uploading on for every month so far. I was wondering if anyone is down to do a collaboration with me in Chicago on doing pranks. Not the "hood" type pranks though.
  19. DenVee

    DenVee 40k total views!

    I recently hit 40k total views on my channel! Next goal is 50k then 100k! Let me know what you guys have achieved!
  20. Courtney Candice

    Trolling musically

  21. Eddie Henderson

    Chugging Windex Prank Gone Horribly Wrong!!!

  22. Eddie Henderson

    Chugging Windex Prank Gone Horribly Wrong!!!

  23. Eddie Henderson

    Comedy Looking to collab with other pranksters

    If you are a prankster public or around the house prankster shoot me a message!! Im extremely dedicated to YouTube and to my channel so please be serious about collabing. Im also open for doing funny challenges as well! I live in Northwest Indiana/Chicago Land area. Im funny, great to get along...
  24. DenVee

    Just hit 500 subs!

    Just recently hit 500 subs on my channel "DenVee" a week ago! Next goal is 1K, let me know how you're doing with your channel!
  25. DenVee

    500 subscribers !! -DenVee

    I'm a prankster from Birmingham, UK and I just recently smashed 500 subs on my channel "DenVee"! So happy about it, now the next target is 1K.
  26. Justoshow

    Thoughts on "reaction" vids?

    Lately I've been seeing a pattern on YT. It seems to blow up all you have to do is do "reaction" videos and or mean prank vids. Not knocking anyone hustle, but whats your thoughts of that? To me its like selling out, but thats just me. Not trying to start any mess to the reactors here.
  27. WWKD 2

    Need UNIQUE Prank Ideas !

    Hello everyone, My girlfriend and I make youtube videos on current challenges and Popular pranks, I want to try to spice it up a bit. I need some good suggestions for pranks I can do on my girlfriend. Nothing harmful just ultimately funny in the end. I really do want to test my ability to prank...