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  1. Eve Hemingway

    Vlog FAMILY CHALLENGE COLLAB (gives us something fun to do whilst quarantined :D)

    HI family YouTubers! This time is can be pretty difficult with kids, toddlers and babies trying to keep them entertained by staying in doors. So my idea is that maybe we could do a family challenge together! I did one last week with my son where he did my makeup, and another family...
  2. Valentinas Playhouse

    Kids Outdoor Movie Theater Party

  3. snoozyking

    Q&A for my Channel

    Hi guys i just hit 100 subscribers. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me few questions for a Q&A.
  4. Jitter Flicks


    We had a lot of fun today just doing what we do on a daily basis.
  5. Jitter Flicks

    Vlog Broward county youtubers and vloggers

    Are you in the Broward country, Florida area? Have a family or friendly channel? Maybe we could hand out, meet-up or collab. We're new to all this so don't be shy, we're just trying to meet new friendly people and fellow youtubers so we can spread the love with our channels. Let us know.... we...
  6. Jitter Flicks

    We finally got to giving "Jitter Yaya" her special day

    IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED WITH JITTER YAYA TOO. Do you remember when Jitter Rigo had his special day for doing good? Well, it also happened now with Jitter yaya. We took her out to do some of the things on her list. The main thing being going roller skating. We also went and stopped at Target and...
  7. Jevan Simmons

    HelloFresh Unboxing! - Free Food!?!

  8. The Cherrii Family

    Anybody Interested in doing a long distance collab??

    Hey guys, We are new to the YouTube world and would love to start doing collabs with other channels. Our channel is a family channel. We do vlogs, pranks, and challenges. Sadly, in Fl, I'm realizing there aren't a lot of YouTubers that are just starting out. I would love to do a collab wether it...
  9. The Cherrii Family

    Anyone in Fl want to collab?

    Hey, I am new to Youtube and would love to collab with other Y outube channels. We currently have 291 subscribers and are a family channel. We post VLOGS, Pranks, Challenges, and other random videos. Anyone interested?
  10. T

    Challenge and prank ideas?

    My boyfriend and I have a YouTube channel called Tressa and James. We do pranks, vlogs, challenges and more. We’ve run out of ideas for challenges so we’ve just been doing reaction videos but they aren’t getting many views AT ALL. People love when we post challenges. If anyone has and challenge...
  11. Derrick Toys

    Youtube Kids REMOVE Paid Placements

    Wondering if YouTube removes videos with name brand logo on clothing?
  12. L.A. Vloggers


    Our 4 year old son gets on Guardians of the Galaxy: MISSION - breakout in Disney CA adventure.
  13. Derrick Toys

    How long does it take you to edit a video?

    Hi Tubers! Happy to say I started videos on my free time with a new job schedule and I would appreciate tips/advice on your editing routine. Is there shortcuts I could follow? I find that saving video links on notes is easy to copy and paste in descriptions along with default information for...
  14. Priscila

    200 Subscribers in 2 months!!

    We've reached 200 subscribers in 2 months! I don't know if this is fast but I thought we would be growing slower than this, maybe 50 subs in 2 months! :) I am super happy that we are growing and Troy, my 5-year-old old is super excited because he wants to reach 1K subscribers. I told him that it...
  15. Meredith Bryan

    My adult son has to move out.. I'm losing my sanity!

    My son is 21..very disrespectful and I'm making him move out.. He has until the end of the month.. Find out why...
  16. Meredith Bryan

    Redecorating with a Feather boa!!

    Hi everyone!!! Today while Maddie was at school.. I did a little decorating in her room! Find out what I did and what I used! It looks awesome! My dogs are still in fight mode! At the end of the vlog Maddie does something shocking!! I'd love for you to hit the thumbs up! I'm a daily vlogger!!
  17. Meredith Bryan

    I'm doing my first ever Q&A!!

    Hi everyone!! I'll be doing my first ever Q&A!! I'm basically an open book! I'm so excited to do this and I'm hoping to get at least ten questions! It would mean alot if you could stop by and check it out! I'm a daily vlogger.. I upload everyday at 9am..Check out all the new videos !!
  18. Meredith Bryan

    Great hair day!!

    Hi everyone!! Check out what's going on over at my channel!! I'm posting daily Vlogs and I'm having a blast!!! I just reached 200 subscribers!!!! Can you believe that?!? Come on over :)
  19. CelyD87

    400 subscribers!!! 3months in

    Super excited as channel grows! It's very nice to meet new friends along the way too
  20. Meredith Bryan

    Donald Trump and Christmas trees?!

    Hi everyone ! Today a few of my coworkers talked politics . . Someone referred to Donald Trump as having nazi tendencies . . That might be crossing the line . . I also put my Christmas tree up ! Too early ? Find out why I did . . .
  21. Meredith Bryan


    I had the absolute worst experience with a customer this weekend . . Check out it . . She treated me horribly and also wrote me a nasty note ! ! . . . . . . .
  22. Meredith Bryan


    Hi everyone!! If you follow my channel (you should! Lol) you know my son and I had a huge argument.. Find out what happened since then and where he was this whole time!
  23. FunWithTheBugs

    We're Going to the American Girl Doll Store and Someone is Not Happy About That!

    Please come check out our latest vlog and let us know what you think!
  24. Joeowens1

    Halloween Oreo Milkshake!!!

    Check out our Oreo Halloween Milshake!
  25. B


    TELL WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU HIT 630 sub plz
  26. Meredith Bryan

    Makeup table organization!!

    Hi guys!!! Lots of things are happening on my channel! I just passed 100 subscribers!! I have new Vlogs posted.. A challenge video!! Come check it out!! If you'd like to see how I organize my makeup.. Take a look! :)
  27. MaryCrockett

    We Have a Secret!!!

    We had a Evening out with the whole family and shared a fun secret. Thank you so much for watching
  28. Meredith Bryan

    Where have I been?????

    Hi everyone!! Quick video update on where I've been and what I've been up to! Please check it out and let me know what you think! :) Thanks!!!!
  29. Meredith Bryan


    This is my latest vlog! I'm finally in sunny South Florida visiting my Madre.. I hope you can stop by and check it out.. I think I did pretty good on this vlog :) Thanks everyone!
  30. Meredith Bryan

    Let's go to Toys R Us!!! Shopping and vlog!

    Latest vlog is up on my channel!! I really hope you can stop by and check it out!!!! Thanks everyone :)