im just curious trying to get ideas on what I should do to help have a bigger audience thanks for opening this!
Nothing for me personally.

Most of it either seems staged or over amplified to make the person seem interesting.

Thanks for being honest I know people tend to stage pranks only cuz I think if it wasn't they wouldn't get the reaction they wanted . I'm trying to change that the pranks I just did with my friends and future pranks are all authentic but most you tubers destroyed that.
For pranks, I prefer when they're mutually enjoyable.
A great example of this is the "Photoshop Live" prank by Erik Johansson, in 2013.
He basically took pictures of random folks waiting at a bus stop, and live-photoshopped them into funny scenarios, being displayed on a screen in the bus stop.
Good, clean fun for both parties.

As for vlogs, I rarely watch any, but I prefer when they actually have substance, like updates, happenings, or basically, just stuff that I wouldn't see a dozen times a week in my own life. Interesting stuff.
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I don't really like prank videos... for vlogs, I like when they throw in a timelapse of the city/area they are in, and/or fly a drone. Those break up the talking in the vlog and make it really neat to watch. =)
On pranks I really like great reactions and with vlogs I always like to see cool things being recorded
There's sh*t tons of fake pranks on youtube and that really pisses me off.. I see no reason to fake pranks anyway...
I will prank my GF and I'll upload it on youtube!
Prank videos suck. They're the crap of YouTube.

VLogs are good if it's based on something I'm interested in. My favorite are work out, or training videos and who live interesting lives, like Rich Piana for example. I also like Japanese VLogs too as I really like the scenery in them. (they usually film outside) There was this guy who rides his motorcycle in Japan and talks about stuff in the news or whatever is going on currently in Japan.

People who sit in a chair and talk about their boring lives on a webcam, or tell a personal story are terrible. I wouldn't waste 2 seconds of my time on them.
I'm not a fan of vlogs...I really don't care about other peoples' lives XD!

And as for pranks...they're entertaining, even if they're fake. As long as you don't take it too far and make it interesting, I guess its alright.

But some people waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy take it too far. Don't be one of those people.