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  1. P

    What would you do with 443 million audience worldwide?

    I came across a platform where I could get all the audience I needed. I couldn't keep calm unless I shared I with you guys. See for yourself and check it out:
  2. J


  3. ShireenPlaysYT

    How to establish a dedicated audience?

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to this website but it has helped me a lot in the time that I've been here. I've had my gaming channel for five years and I love being a YouTuber but the problem is that I don't know how to gain a dedicated audience or a fan base? I think a lot of small...
  4. Jerry Mtz

    Tips on Growing audience?

    I've been on YouTube for 3 years now, and I'm stuck at 120+ subs, any tips, or suggestions on what can I do to increase my audience or my view rate but it's not quite working. Any tips or suggestions?
  5. avrona

    How Can I Promote My Channel More?

    So I've been doing YouTube for 3 and a half years, yet I only get around 12 views per video, so I really want to do more promotion, but no matter where I look, I just find things I already do. So any more ideas anyone?
  6. Kyle Laughlin

    Scheduled vs Public

    So this is something I've searched for quite a while now. Maybe someone with more uploads/experience has the answer from their own stats... do scheduled uploads not do as well (not get pushed correctly) vs regular public uploads that post as soon as finished processing??? Obviously for big...
  7. Rocky

    What do you guys like about pranks and vlogs?

    im just curious trying to get ideas on what I should do to help have a bigger audience thanks for opening this!
  8. Ermelin

    Let's talk about audience retention...

    I'm curious to know what is your average audience rentention in your video with the most views. if you have a low rentention rate, What do you think is making people leave your videos My video with the most views (1,439 views) has a retention rate of 25.4%. It was titled "tornado warning at...
  9. SethSpeight

    VEDA - Strategy?

    Hey Everyone, This is a question rather than 'advice' because I'm so new, I don't have any advice. I recently started VEDA, Vlog Everyday in August. I wanted to see if anyone on the YTtalk forum has noticed that participating in VEDA has helped or hurt their channel growth? My theory is that...
  10. XTRMlvl

    Gaming Collab and expand our audience!

    If any of you guys want to collab please message me back! I want to expand my audience and you do too. So why not collab? Whats stopping you. I mainly play ps4 and i have balck ops 3, minecraft, GTA 5.
  11. Seebeard

    Other Game Show Guests Collaboration

    Hey YT creators and fans, My name is David and I'm a host and co-creator for the channel "Hub 32". We're a variety channel focusing recently on our video podcast "The Prime Show", Video Game Challenges and our collaboration debate game show we call "Debate the Hate". We've done 3 episodes of...
  12. subversiveasset

    Do any of you NOT like sharing your videos?

    As I have looked into my analytics, I've noticed that YouTube internal sources (such as YouTube search, playlists, and channel) tend to result in greater audience retention for me than external sources (e.g. links to outside sites like Reddit, twitter, etc). So, maybe it is a little silly, but...
  13. WilBajamas

    Facebook And Twitter Advice

    Hey there, I know most of you Youtubers out there already know that social media play a big role in promoting your channel or videos. But what I don't know is that, how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively? Most of the tips I've seen keep on saying to engage with others on social media but...
  14. R

    YouTube Certified

    Nevermind, remove post xD