audience retention

  1. Bretttomadin

    Looking to help NEW/Existing

    Hey there. I've been working in the industry for awhile, and looking to spread my knowledge to the right crowd. I'm happy to share my insights, knowledge that I've learned and developed and will be willing to assist in - Viewership Retention - Engaging with your Community - Building the right...
  2. F

    My Audience Retention is Awful! Why??

    I've attached a picture of my audience retention graph. I have 2 youtube channels. On my one of channel I have audience retention of about 40 - 50% which is fine but on the channel I've just set up I'm looking at around 18%. My last video just got 10%. I don't know how to improve and I'm...
  3. Fitness Buffhq

    Audience Retention

    How long is considered a good audience retention time?
  4. Van Peters

    What's your audience retention score?

    Tell me what's your audience retention score of the last 28 days? My current AR is 31%. How do you check that? Go to: Dashboard - analytics - audience retention
  5. Cookie6

    Does Audience Retention matter?

    So, I've made 4 videos so far on my new channel and currently my Audience retention is 41%. I'm not sure if this is good or not? What is everyone else's for comparison? and does it even matter towards your videos being pushed a little more for example? Love to know what everyone thinks!
  6. Abdullahx9000

    How do I improve my Audience Retention? [Video Example]

    I am doing everything I know and my best and I am still getting Low audience retention (Around 40-50%) and low views even with around 9000 subscribers. I am really curious to know what could be causing these problems. What might make you click off my videos? Please review this video: (ACE...
  7. M

    How can I increase my vlogs' audience retention?

    I make vlogs and mix the style of normal vlogs and cinematic b-roll. Sort of like peter mckinnon but not copying him. Anyway, I have a channel average of 1 minute retention and I feel that is sub-par. How can I increase it. I have watched plenty of audience retention videos but they all talk...
  8. Veecharlie

    I want to change the way I vlog

    Hey guys! I have decided to make some big changes to my channel, have been looking for feedback and I already have some points I really want to get myself working on. However, I still need A LOT of opinion and help. The biggest thing I want to really improve in my channel is audience...
  9. Caroll

    Opinion on Starting Over

    Do you think it's good for channels with very little to no audience retention to start over? I've been wondering for a while now if I should just start over, I have 179 subscribers and demographics show that only about 10 of my subscribers even watch my videos. I know Ethan from CrankGameplays...
  10. Pedro Nascimento

    Can OLD VIDEOS hurt my channel?

    Hello everybody, For long time I have tried to find why I don't get many subscribers or views and now I came with an idea that might be true. I have about 150 videos that I make for the last 3 years that I have my channel. Some old videos they don't have many views and have a low audience...
  11. KantoGaming

    Audience retention

    im always getting comments saying that people love my videos/series but then my audience retention is never really that high under analytics. I mean I do get numbers that watch the whole videos, but a good majority don't. Should I focus on the analytics as much as I do? I don't get it
  12. Nicky Furmage

    Question about audience retention....

    Guys i was just looking at my analytics and was wondering does audience retention get affected when you look at your own videos? odd question i know but i was just curious? thanks
  13. Tac0cann0n

    The First 10 Seconds Are The Most Important, Right?

    I hear that 'the first ten seconds of the video are the most important' quite a bit when I ask questions about audience retention. My question is, what are some of the techniques that you all use to keep people engaged? I don't really like the concept of having an intro, not only since I feel...
  14. Tac0cann0n

    Active subscribers?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions for you all. My channel (as of right now) has 79 subscribers. I'm happy with this, and every few days or weeks a gain a few subscribers. For the most part, they are random, since I don't really like posting my channel everywhere for advertisement. I just want...
  15. Lucy81272892

    Delete current and start fresh.....or not????

    Hi Guys! So we've only had our channel for about 6 weeks and we have a total of 108 Subscribers and around 23,0000 total views. But here's my dilemma, we pretty much did adwords from the beginning not realizing that it has a negative impact on your audience retention, to be completely honest we...
  16. ProjectJamesify

    Does watching your own video to the end affect your retention positively?

    I have a habit of always watching my videos to the end when it's already uploaded to YouTube, but does this affect the retention of your video? Does it do any good? Anybody else who does this? :p Thanks. -James
  17. TwoTakes

    Let's talk audience retention times

    I try not to look at these part of the analytics (yes I know it is important) because it can just be depressing. After you work hard on a video, you don't want to find out the average watch duration is a low percentage... So. Should the retention times be cause for a alarm. These are averages...
  18. xxheathermarie

    Audience Retention. What do you aim for?

    I've always been curious what other people strive for with their audience retention. Obviously 100% is the best, but thats not realistic. So what to you guys strive for? If I see above 50% I'm happy. 70% is my highest and 30% is my lowest (<-- lol I hate that video too so I cannot blame people...
  19. Super Pawsitive

    Oy, what do you think of this video?

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey. It's been a while, review forum. I've missed you. Right, so here's the deal. I have a video that went up this past Saturday, that in my opinion did phenomenally well. The video got 300 views before the weekend was over, and is still pulling in a decent amount of views. So, my...
  20. TheIntoxicatedGnomeArmy

    Nearly at 3000 subs need help (audience retention)

    Hey there I have been on and off posting for a year and I am near 3000 subs and I am finding it hard? Audience retention is getting harder? I can't work out where I am going wrong ( Or right ) And is there any advice or anything I should take into consideration? Would collabs help? or Fixing...
  21. iamvroom

    So, how long are your gameplay videos?

    Was looking at the audience retention graph of one of my videos and saw this (picture below). Apart from the fact that the introduction of the particular video used for the graph is really bad (hence the sharp dropoff at the beginning) the things that strikes me the most is the falloff around...
  22. NathanielGE

    Should YouTube have an 'Active subscribers' button?

    I know there is so much emphasis we place on gaining subscribers. We celebrate the milestones and YouTube also reward us with plaques. However we all know that having 'X' amount of subscribers doesn't mean that is how many people are watching each of your uploads. So I was wondering if it...
  23. Rocky

    What do you guys like about pranks and vlogs?

    im just curious trying to get ideas on what I should do to help have a bigger audience thanks for opening this!
  24. Tamera O

    What is the best way to get good audience retention

    Hey guys, I'm Tamera and I started my YouTube channel early this year. I've been on YouTube on and off for 7 years now I know pretty bad, but along the way I have picked up that people watch my videos, but tend to drop off after a solid minute. I do advice/lifestyle videos so I understand it's...
  25. Ermelin

    Let's talk about audience retention...

    I'm curious to know what is your average audience rentention in your video with the most views. if you have a low rentention rate, What do you think is making people leave your videos My video with the most views (1,439 views) has a retention rate of 25.4%. It was titled "tornado warning at...
  26. theredletterORG

    Understanding Absolute Audience Retention???

    Does anyone know how to read that graph? I keep looking at it and on most of my content it starts off over 100% (Not sure how that is possible?) Then falls to below 50% sometimes even further, It can be pretty discouraging, number 1 because I feel as though my content maybe isn't very...
  27. Doky0

    Audience retention: long average view duration VS average percentage viewed ?

    What do you guys think is better for SEO, ranking and more views, A long video with long "average view duration" or A short video that has a "high average percentage viewed" I would love to read your experiences ?
  28. YourKingSkeletor

    Any tips for INCREASING Viewer Retention?

    My channel has been struggling in one major area, viewer retention. I edit out the unrequired chunks of my videos and speak asloud and lively as I can at the time (I'm a bit monotone at times) and get crappy retention. For example, my latest video has an average retention of 7 seconds (Guess...
  29. Jordan Pike

    Do YT analytics get recorded from viewing your own videos?

    I've just been wondering if the analytics on my videos get effected from me viewing my own videos. For example, I see my views going up when I upload a fresh video and I have it set to private, and I click into it a few times to make sure my annotations are all set correctly, etc. But the stat...
  30. M

    How Long Until Video / Channel Blows Up? Very High Relative Audience Retention

    I know this is a complex question, but any data driven insight or experience would help. I have several videos that have an Above Average to High relative retention rate the entire video. It even hits the high line in places! They were just published over the weekend and have a few hundred...