Delete current and start fresh.....or not????


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Hi Guys!
So we've only had our channel for about 6 weeks and we have a total of 108 Subscribers and around 23,0000 total views. But here's my dilemma, we pretty much did adwords from the beginning not realizing that it has a negative impact on your audience retention, to be completely honest we didn't have a clue as to audience retention or anything else related to it, lol, so basically when we first started the channel we were doing ok as far as organic views but the further we went and the more we advertised the lower our retention got and so now for the past 3 days our views are pretty much dead, lol. The only other thing we've done different in the past couple of days is deleted a couple of poor performing videos thinking it would bring our retention up, as well as change the channel name. So my question is this, should we stick it out with the current channel and bring our retention up and thus propel our channel forward or should we just throw in the towel and start a new channel with absolutely no adwords and do it the right way from the get go. I just don't want to beat a dead horse but of course if there's a chance for it's revival I'd rather stick it out with the current channel, again we've only had the channel for 6 weeks. Thanks in advance guys ~
Of course, 23k views in 6 weeks is amazing!! Why would you start all over?
EDIT: Just do the right thing from now on.
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If you start over it's going to take even longer to get views. Keep your current channel and work on ways to increase your views organically.
6 weeks? Don't worry about it. You got some great views, and now you have a channel that has some views on your videos and you can just move forward.
keep the channel, you can fix your mistakes, besides starting all over would take a while to get back to where you are now
Don't start over, you aren't going to let those 6 weeks just go like that?

yeah you might be hitting a speed bump in the road now but it will pick up again, you need to be patient and be willing to try new things until you find your right formula.
Thanks so much for all your replies :)))))) so I've decided to keep the channel and try different tactics to fix's my next question should I continue with adwords or just let all the views come in organically......
There's a key point of how Yt works that you need to be aware of.

At 108 subs, your viewers will 100% be other channels through search (assuming they'll scroll a few pages to where you will likely rank), general browsing, and anyone coming in via s4s loops. When you run Adwords, Yt sends your videos to "real people", that is, viewers without channels. These generally will not sub to a new channel at low subs (which is why you are hiding your sub count I assume).

The only exception here is if you hit highly popular keywords with relatively low competition and pull a few rabbits out of the secret seo grey hat.

Back to the dilemma - running Adwords puts your videos in front of real viewers who don't care for small channels. (it's just a fact, nothing personal, exactly the same happened to us).

I think you're wasting money on Adwords at your sub level. Unless you have a budget of $3-$5k over the next 2-3 months (seriously) as that's what it will likely take to push through. I would recommend Adwords at least at 300 subs, better at 500, with a good backlog of videos, perhaps 30+, maybe even 50.

Best thing to do is focus on popular tags in the kids/toys area, make lots of fun, happy, emotional videos that get viewers excited (this will be other channels at this stage). Once the algorithm detects you're on trend, have good retention, it will auto-place you on suggested of 10-50k sub channels for a few test slots and see how you perform. If you perform well, it will place you on higher sub channels. That's when you get real traffic from real viewers and start to grow organically.

Another thing, is pick 10-20 channels you admire at the 2000-10000 sub level (don;t go higher, there are other factors at work at high sub levels), and carefully, very carefully, study their breakout videos, playlists, seo strategies, etc, to see how they broke out. Adopt similar strategies.

Cracking 1k subs is hard, 2k hard but easier, 5k even easier, so is 20k. It's so much easier to get from 10k to 20k, than it is from 100 to 1000. After that it's pretty much on auto-pilot as long as you keep the algorithm satisfied.