Is it Wise to Restart a Channel?

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Do you think it's good for channels with very little to no audience retention to start over?

I've been wondering for a while now if I should just start over, I have 179 subscribers and demographics show that only about 10 of my subscribers even watch my videos.
I know Ethan from CrankGameplays has done a restart for his channel and it helped him immensely, do you think it is a wise decision?

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I've done the same exact thing. My channel used to be Minecraft (I was about 12), and now it's 100% lifestyle and pretty much whatever I feel like posting. If you can brand yourself in a good way (Advertising, GFX, Finding Audience) then you will be fine. If you want some help I can tell u what I've done.
My channel used to be Minecraft (I was about 12), and now it's 100% lifestyle

As MattKelly says, if you're refocusing your channel, then yes, it's definitely a good idea. However, if you plan to post the same types of video, then why start again? I can see that you have only posted 7 videos in the last 6-7 months, if you post more frequently, maybe people will stick to your channel more, and you will create more opportunities to be seen and get more subs.

Don't quit yet :) work on your channel, post more frequently and keep getting better. I have been growing steadily in the last 2 months and I am a tiny channel, but I think it's because I am posting frequently and accepting of the fact that I am definitely not the "finished product" on camera and I want to keep getting better, and the quality has come a long way in the 6 months I have been on YouTube.

What do you think?
I have actually done this. I was inactive on an old channel and someone had called me Cassarilla and I liked the name so I wanted to do a rebranding kind of thing I guess? It's such a process of figuring youtube out at first I'm just now coming to the realization that I need to focus on my main passion which is music. If you'd like to keep the same type of content and don't have an idea for rebranding it may be best to stick with the current channel you've started, since you have built up a bit of an audience there already. It's up to you, either way just keep creating! Good luck with your channel!