1. J

    Extremely Low Retention

    Hi there, I started a YouTube channel just over a month ago. I've been uploading about 2-3 videos each week. I was looking at the retention stats and have noticed the average retention for my channel is about 30%. Some videos have retention rates as low as even 2%. I've spent some money...
  2. LonePeakMusic

    Poor retention on a royalty-free music channel..

    Hi guys ! So the title is pretty self explanatory : the retention on my royalty free music channel is pretty bad even though the music is not. I know that it's really hard to get people's attention with your own music in general.. Retention is pretty hard to get just because of the nature of...
  3. Darren Taylor

    "Not Subscribed" Are More Engaged Than "Subscribed"

    In my channel I am looking at my analytics and I can see that my views from unsubscribed users have a much higher retention than subscribed, and in addition I get more views from non subscribed too. I also get most of my views from search and not suggested, so in a lot of ways my channel is back...
  4. Abdullahx9000

    How do I improve my Audience Retention? [Video Example]

    I am doing everything I know and my best and I am still getting Low audience retention (Around 40-50%) and low views even with around 9000 subscribers. I am really curious to know what could be causing these problems. What might make you click off my videos? Please review this video: (ACE...
  5. M

    How can I increase my vlogs' audience retention?

    I make vlogs and mix the style of normal vlogs and cinematic b-roll. Sort of like peter mckinnon but not copying him. Anyway, I have a channel average of 1 minute retention and I feel that is sub-par. How can I increase it. I have watched plenty of audience retention videos but they all talk...
  6. Caroll

    Opinion on Starting Over

    Do you think it's good for channels with very little to no audience retention to start over? I've been wondering for a while now if I should just start over, I have 179 subscribers and demographics show that only about 10 of my subscribers even watch my videos. I know Ethan from CrankGameplays...
  7. Tac0cann0n

    The First 10 Seconds Are The Most Important, Right?

    I hear that 'the first ten seconds of the video are the most important' quite a bit when I ask questions about audience retention. My question is, what are some of the techniques that you all use to keep people engaged? I don't really like the concept of having an intro, not only since I feel...
  8. Conncast

    Quality, Quantity, Both? Algorithm Chat

    Hello there, this is among my first posts on the site and I would like a little info from somebody who knows a little better than I do about the youtube algorithms and how they can be fully exploited for greater exposure. I will structure this post in a series of questions, many of which have...
  9. iamvroom

    End of Video: How to make people stick around longer?

    Looking at some absolute retention graphs of as of late I was wondering how to make people stay up to the very end of the video to see the outro screen with the end cards. As you can see in the sample image below the viewers start wandering off as soon as I start saying "thank you for watching...
  10. Stearmans Toy Review

    Audience Retention

    Hey YTers! What is a good percentage/time duration? Everyone says to watch this, but I'm not sure if its good or bad. I had tried to look this up but can't find much on it. I know that it depends on duration of your videos I suppose. Most of my videos are under 5 mins and my retention is at...
  11. ProjectJamesify

    Does watching your own video to the end affect your retention positively?

    I have a habit of always watching my videos to the end when it's already uploaded to YouTube, but does this affect the retention of your video? Does it do any good? Anybody else who does this? :p Thanks. -James
  12. PsySpy Gaming

    Channel Feedback?

    I really haven't done this here for a while so I thought that I would at least attempt to do so. I've been having trouble both in the field of 'getting views' as well as 'keeping people' for more than a minute in my videos, and some of my videos are relatively short. I just recently...
  13. Tiny Tunes

    Does watch time take into account how much of the video you watch?

    I know that watch time is one of the most important factor in getting you videos up the search results but I have a question about the quality of that watch time. If someone watches 100% of my 2 minute video, is that better than someone watching 20% of my 10 minute video? (also 2 minutes in case...
  14. SeanFace101

    Does My Own Views Effect Watch Time & Retention?

    Does my own views effect such things as watch time, etc...? I'm talking about the views by me wen I'm doing something to my video, editing settings, etc.. I clike on my video then click to edit settings, cards or whatever, but that view of mine that only lasts a few seconds or so, does it harm...
  15. SeanFace101

    Is Watch Time, Retention, etc.. still count when not viewing window?

    If someone is watching one of my videos then half way through the video they open up a new tab or window in their browser and my video is still playing in the background or minimized but they aren't actually watching it or able to see it.. Does YouTube count to point wen they open a new browser...
  16. ControllerBreak

    "Live" recordings and keeping retention(Let's Plays Advice)

    Hey! So I spend a lot of time thinking about how to increase quality in my content and I know in Let's Plays, which is what I record, personality is key. Personally my approach is more cynical with bursts of happy and I always record with a partner, but every now and then we hit dead spots. You...
  17. JMGD

    Old Videos on Channel Killing Retention Stats... Delete or Keep?

    Hi all, I started my channel in 2010, but only started getting serious about YouTube in 2014. A couple of my older videos are quite long (~15 mins) and attract some of the highest views stats on the channel, but the retention rates are awful... Most of my videos are in the 50-70% retention...
  18. IB360HD


    Hey guys. If you don't know me yet, which you shouldn't (haha), it's your boy IB360HD. I am here to share with you guys my ways on getting higher audience retention. I have a 70-80% average audience retention rate, which yes, I know is very low. While I offer my advice to you all, I also want...