How do I improve my Audience Retention? [Video Example]


I've Got It
I am doing everything I know and my best and I am still getting Low audience retention (Around 40-50%) and low views even with around 9000 subscribers.

I am really curious to know what could be causing these problems. What might make you click off my videos? Please review this video: (ACE Compilation - Rainbow Six Siege ACE Montage)
or any other video.
Please point out any mistake/suggestion that you have as that will really be helpful for me.
Here is the Audience Retention analytics for the video mentioned above

I really hope you guys will be able to help me. Any help will be greatly appreciated![DOUBLEPOST=1527627783,1527554999][/DOUBLEPOST]Forgot to add: Is my thumbnails good? An overall channel review would be greatly appreciated and I will do one in return! =]