I Love YTtalk
If someone is watching one of my videos then half way through the video they open up a new tab or window in their browser and my video is still playing in the background or minimized but they aren't actually watching it or able to see it.. Does YouTube count to point wen they open a new browser window and my video isnt being viewed (but still played) as the point its stopped being watched? or does it still count it as the full video being watched if it plays to the end even though it isn't in a open window?
Y'know, I've been wondering this also. I feel like it has to be, because otherwise it wouldn't make sense when my retention goes down, but then up again unless people were skipping to certain parts of the video all the time, which seems unlikely. Wonder how youtube does it.
oh, i see :p So you think then if the video is still playing on a minimized window, then it will still count as the full video was video?
There's one easy way to find out:

1) Make an unlisted video.
2) Watch it while not being logged into Youtube in a minimised window.
3) Check the audience retention.