Extremely Low Retention


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Hi there,

I started a YouTube channel just over a month ago. I've been uploading about 2-3 videos each week. I was looking at the retention stats and have noticed the average retention for my channel is about 30%. Some videos have retention rates as low as even 2%. I've spent some money promoting some videos through Google Adwords to get some traction but it doesn't seem to have helped with traction.

Overall, I'm wondering what I should do to increase retention and gain traction on my channel. 2% retention sees super low, especially when some of the videos I've created are similar to videos I've seen with millions of views on YouTube.

Any insight/help would be appreciated.

Hard to tell, how about a sample?
Make it easier for everyone here to find your channel by putting a link under name(age) as you can see under mine to the LEFT of this msg - read my signature on HOW TO below this msg!!!
Just by looking at the video library I immediately had the feeling that you will not be present in these videos, which is fine, but may make a portion of viewers hesitant & uneasy towards your content, since there is little personal connection with the creator. I would assume that the videos with high views are the ones you promoted?
In terms of the channel, things are looking great, content is well put together, thumbnail designs etc.... just keep making more & withing some years you may have something big.