Understanding Absolute Audience Retention???


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Does anyone know how to read that graph? I keep looking at it and on most of my content it starts off over 100% (Not sure how that is possible?) Then falls to below 50% sometimes even further, It can be pretty discouraging,

number 1 because I feel as though my content maybe isn't very engaging?

And number 2 because I don't know how to read it, I can't tell if thats normal or maybe their is a problem I need to address?

Any thoughts? Please help!!!! LOL
I can't tell you how to improve your content, but I can tell you audience retention is a very important factor, and the graphs don't lie. I was noticing that my retention was bottoming out about the middle of my videos, so I changed my editing style to be a lot more snappy and humorous, and my retention shot up again. It's about refining it, discovering what bolsters your content and what can bring it down. For some, that may be screaming and shouting and being high energy, for others it may be being more interesting/ factual. It depends entirely on the channel genre and content.