Would an active subscriber button be useful?

  • Yes

  • Not really tbh mate

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I've Got It
I know there is so much emphasis we place on gaining subscribers. We celebrate the milestones and YouTube also reward us with plaques.

However we all know that having 'X' amount of subscribers doesn't mean that is how many people are watching each of your uploads.

So I was wondering if it would be useful for creators to have an 'Active subscribers' button either on their actual channel or in the analytics to check.

It would be pretty easy to do. Pretty much the average subscribed views on your videos.

If you want to get an idea of what I mean. Go to creator studio - Click on the analytics of a video - Go to lifetime views for the video - Change from subscribed & not subscribed to 'Subscribed'. Do that for your last 5-10 videos and you will have an idea of your active subscribers number on average.

I understand a lot of views come from people that are not subscribed. But I feel like building up that foundation of loyal subscribers that watch each video will really help your channel going forward.

So what do you guys think? Would something like that be useful and encourage YouTubers to really push engagement and not just the overall number of subs?
If you would be able to see how active each of your subscribers are, it might be abbused a lot I'm afraid. If you could e.g. see I haven't watched anything for a month, you might push me or write to me.
Nooo I don't mean you can see which subscribers are watching, I just meant an overall number. Ie Nathaniel GE [Subscribers 171] // [Active Subscribers 25].