active subscribers

  1. hatlesschimp

    650 Subscribers & 150,000 views

    So I never celebrated 600 subs, I came onto the forum to make a post but decided that I shouldn’t and just went on to congratulate others that had achieved their Milestones. However 650 has just clicked over and I felt like I need to achieve this to allow myself the time accept that I have...
  2. Tac0cann0n

    Active subscribers?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions for you all. My channel (as of right now) has 79 subscribers. I'm happy with this, and every few days or weeks a gain a few subscribers. For the most part, they are random, since I don't really like posting my channel everywhere for advertisement. I just want...
  3. NathanielGE

    Should YouTube have an 'Active subscribers' button?

    I know there is so much emphasis we place on gaining subscribers. We celebrate the milestones and YouTube also reward us with plaques. However we all know that having 'X' amount of subscribers doesn't mean that is how many people are watching each of your uploads. So I was wondering if it...
  4. wasabiroots

    Because people are talking about "inactive subs"

    Lets compare the percentages you get from subscribed and not subscribed of the total views in lifetime and/or the last 28 days. To see how active your subs are and figure out the norm around here. (You don't need to show how many views you have, just the percentage. You can if you want but its...