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  1. Makaylajanee


    im a new mommy with a new channel mainly about vlogging and lifestyle videos and would love to find some new mommas on YT! XOXO
  2. Juan Walls

    My Dog got her paw stuck in a sticky mouse trap!!

    We went out of town last weekend and my dog got her paw stuck in a sticky mouse trap! Then we use a laser on a gun to play 'chase the laser'. You guys can watch that and more here:
  3. A

    New, looking for collab, 89 subscribers

    My name is Aiden Scott, I'm getting into YouTube for things like vlogging, however I'd love to collab in the future. If you'd like to do a collaboration with me such as a livestream, email me, playgemofficial@gmail.com
  4. Jeffrey Saldana


    Just looking to see if there are any vloggers out there to meet up with and potentially collab with in the future? :)

    Time Lapse Mowing, Whacking & Fire Hardcore Cleaning!

    I did tons of editing on this video! Hope you guys enjoy it. Any feedback will be appreciated. I'm getting a new camera soon! :)
  6. The Mach Project

    Come for the dancing - Stay for the insight: "Just Be You"

    INTROVERSION VS EXTROVERSION In the end, being introverted or extroverted is only a single part of you. And there's much more to you than just that. If you like this funky dance-packed content, please subscribe! ;)
  7. C

    Vlog Ideas?

    Hi! I'm planning on starting up my vlog channel soon but I don't have any ideas! Does anyone have any? If so, please reply with any you might have! It would help a lot!
  8. Vasokan

    Cinematic Style Of Telling This Story? (Inspired by Casey Neistat)

    I was not trying to copy Casey Neistat but he did inspire me to get into vlogging so its only fair to give him credit. You know that instance when you go to a parent teachers interview and they say a whole bunch of crap and when you ask them to give you and example they stare at you. Well this...
  9. Tiffany Amber

    Any and all help appreciated <3

    A descriptive title of what you would like reviewed. I would like to have my channel overall reviewed, based off the linked video :) How could I improve my editing and overall persona? Details of the particular video you want reviewed or specific aspects of your channel this can include your...
  10. Meredith Bryan

    Redecorating with a Feather boa!!

    Hi everyone!!! Today while Maddie was at school.. I did a little decorating in her room! Find out what I did and what I used! It looks awesome! My dogs are still in fight mode! At the end of the vlog Maddie does something shocking!! I'd love for you to hit the thumbs up! I'm a daily vlogger!!
  11. Meredith Bryan

    I'm doing my first ever Q&A!!

    Hi everyone!! I'll be doing my first ever Q&A!! I'm basically an open book! I'm so excited to do this and I'm hoping to get at least ten questions! It would mean alot if you could stop by and check it out! I'm a daily vlogger.. I upload everyday at 9am..Check out all the new videos !!
  12. _johndalton

    Vlog Looking to Colab with People of the same Interests! out of the ordinary

    If you wanna colab with me you can go to my instagram @thechazos or on twitter @thechazos these are ways to contact me:) I am looking to colab with people who put time in making there videos and really go to heart with what they do. If you love the outdoors as much as I do even though i love...
  13. ShizzleYTB

    Gaming Look for channels to record with :)

    Hello there! I'm looking for channels to record with in the area of gaming and even vlogging/challenges, that kind of thing. Here's my youtube channel if you're interested :D
  14. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    Hey everyone, this is a one minute film I created called "What Camera Should You Get?" Hope you all enjoy :)
  15. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    this is an unwanted thread. Please delete :)
  16. Cameron Arnold

    600 Subscribers BOOOIIII

    This is actually blowing my mind I'm 400 subs close to 1k can't wait and thanks to the people that subscribe love my fans that are building up #HIGH4
  17. Cameron Arnold

    Over 40k Views

    I can't believe how much people watch my videos that I achieve this milestone thank you so much
  18. Jeeves

    1,000 Views. Thank You All

    I've hit 1,000 views. I hit this milestone about a week ago, but I wanted to share it as it is a huge accomplishment in my eyes. Thank you :)
  19. Meredith Bryan


    Take a look at some of the decorations I've been picking up for fall and Halloween!! If you liked this video,,, hit the subscribe button :) Thank you!!!!
  20. Jeeves

    A 1 Minute Face to Face Vlog

    Hey everybody. This is a face to face vlog regarding many important updates to my channel. Even though you might not care at all, please watch the video as you might find other content you like around my channel :)
  21. MaryCrockett

    Manly Things / Barn Work

    The boys are back at it getting my honey do list done. Zachary has really enjoyed working with dad without a shirt on. Doing Manly things. Thank you for watching and SUBSCRIBE to our channel
  22. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    Hey guys, this is my 6th cinematic vlog. Feedback would be much appreciated :)
  23. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog #5 - Feedback Appreciated

    This is my 5th vlog and I speak in it. Feedback on what my strengths, weaknesses, and what I can improve on is much appreciated :)
  24. Jeeves

    Any Feedback is MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated

    Hey YtTalk! My name is Jeeves, and I'm a filmmaker/vlogger. I have 5 videos on my channel with 36 subscribers and under 1000 views at the moment. I'm trying to figure out how I can make my channel more appealing. ANY feedback at all is VERY appreciated :)
  25. jjwickings


    I got to go to my grandparents' house over the weekend, and spent some time feeding their cows. (Among other things).
  26. Rocky

    What do you guys like about pranks and vlogs?

    im just curious trying to get ideas on what I should do to help have a bigger audience thanks for opening this!
  27. Rocky

    Review my vlog/ prank channel

    Guys I was wondering how could I reach out to more people out there and get people to subscribe ? And is my content any entertaining? Thanks for feedbacks
  28. T

    Vlog Feedback

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcKaXKBDMxiE-hwbFqn6Mw We would love your guys' feedback on our new vlogging channel! :)
  29. Meredith Bryan

    New Vlog!!!!!! I'm so hot!!!

    New vlog is up on my channel!!! Please take a look and feel free to hit the subscribe button!! It would mean so much if you did!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Sonalib

    Feedback On Videos!?

    Hi, I've started my YouTube a few months ago. I've been uploading vlogs and I'd just like a few opinions on them and some feedback on what I'm doing well and what I can improve on.