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  1. lifeofed

    Vlog Vlogger with 495 SUBS Looking for collab!

    Hey guys im a Forex trader who vlogs day to day activites. Check out my channel and see if a collaboration is something you would be interested in. HIT ME UP WITH IDEAS! THANKS :)
  2. B&B Hifi

    Art Style Feedback

    Hey YT, I would love feedback on the style of our new channel, the channel art, avatar, and even the art assets in the videos. I like vlogs but think they lack art style and clever editing. I want to make sure we stick out a bit and it's appealing to the eye. All the feedback is appreciated...
  3. CTReactions

    Request [$10 YTCash] Logo, Banner, Intro & Outro

    Hello! I have just started up a brand new vlog channel called Brian's Vlog & Talk so I am willing to pay $10 in YTCash for each product provided if used! Please find details below for each request, although they are basically just simple and standard pointers.
  4. LordFrench

    New Vlogger

    Hi Guys, I Started Vlogging Last Week, The Idea Was Mainly To View In A Years Time Where My Life Is In At In June 2017. To See How Better Or Worse I Am And That Was Purely It. Plus The Fact I LOVE Editing Videos And Doing TimeLapses. Blow Is Yesterdays Vlog.
  5. Munesh Ramnarine


    Just a little something I made on my former channel, enjoy! Check out my stuff!
  6. Kecha.L


    Some call me the under qualified, I prefer to use the term "relationship guru in training" So I made this video and I would love to get some feedback!
  7. And_Roo

    Go in with an idea and then just turns south???

    So for my vlogs I'll usually think of a few things to talk about so that I know to stay on track and have actually something to make a video on....but usually it just turns super random. For instance my latest Vlog I made. Idk what happened, but I just started rambling and laughing talking about...
  8. Munesh Ramnarine

    What are you doing?

    I make vlogs with my girlfriend every week. We explore a bunch of places in NYC and try to have as much fun as possible. I also make short films from time to time- I've always wanted to become an actor so now I just thought I should come up with my own ideas and see what happens. What do you...
  9. Ben Arrow

    Marketing a Daily Vlog

    Hey everyone, So I've been really trying to figure this out, I've been doing a "day in the life" vlogging style videos for awhile. I enjoy and absolutely love making every single vlog. Subscribers and views have been important, but not a super big priority, and honestly I could care less...
  10. Quincy Smith

    Vlog Collab Channel

    I want to start a collab channel that will feature different things on the channel such as: Challenges/Tags, Beauty/Make Up, Healthy Tips, & Fashion/Fashion Hauls. If interested please email me or reply to this message. Email: quintellsmith17@gmail.com
  11. Emily Richardson

    Need a Little Constructive Criticism!

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've been on YTTalk and I honestly miss it! A lot of the support I got when I was just starting my channel came from these forums, so I want to get back in to it and hear how everyone's been doing. My channel has been growing steadily since I was...
  12. Munesh Ramnarine

    Need a Cheap Vlog Camera?

    Not too recently my lovely girlfriend purchased me a camera that I could use for vlogging, it was a Canon SX610. This camera is very good for vlogging and it comes at a decent price, it was only $210 at the Best Buy I bought it at. Now I'm not sure its that price in every state or country but...
  13. Munesh Ramnarine

    Vlog NYC VLOGS

    Whats up everyone! My name is Munesh and I do vlogs and other videos on youtube. I'm also in the NYC area so if anyone is around here you should definitely let me know. Please check out some of my videos :)
  14. Munesh Ramnarine

    The Road To 100

    After a couple of months I've finally reached 100 subscribers on my channel. As most of you know if you've read my introduction, I'm using youtube to help me reach my goal of becoming an actor, and filmmaker. When that goal is finally met I will continue to use youtube as a way to continue to...
  15. loganmichael

    Review My Vlogs

    I'm very very new to vlogging on youtube. When I first got into youtube I wanted to do gaming but as time has gone on I don't spend as much time gaming so I've decided to try vlogs and I want to get some reviews on them. Things I should do, Things I should stop doing, etc. Thanks :)
  16. DivideAndConquer

    How to be on Reading your Comments #2

    Hi all My name is Trevor and i am from Divide And Conquer my Gaming\Vloging and over all crazy funny channel. Boy that was a mouthful anyway i'm starting to do a reading your comments series on said channel and i would love to see your comments\ questions\ requests you may have for me! :) it can...
  17. The Miranda

    Cinnamon Roll Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies??!?

    Got a bit bored and bought the two things we all love most and tried to create something great... What we got is something only okay. Solid try though.
  18. umhiitsmebree

    Samsung nx mini or canon g7x

    These are my top two options for a new vlog camera. which one should i get ?
  19. D_halfrican

    Make a new vlog channel ?

    I've been watching a lot of Casey nicestat* and it inspired me to try vlogging but I find that vlog channels do better as a secondary channel after the primary channel already has a larger following than what I have I'm not sure if inshouldnjust focus on one thing at a time or just go for it.
  20. SibergoGaming

    Vlog Looking to Collab with Other Vloggers

    I am a 15 Year Old Guy looking to collaborate with other vloggers and share our lives with viewers! I have 233 Subs and 11K views on my Channel. . Gender Doesn't Matter . Age: Any(Keep it Reasonable though) . Subscribers: In My Range . Enjoy Your Time Doing Vlogs . HAVE FUN!
  21. Today With PBAndJ

    Upgraded Camera! Are we doing this right?

    Hello :) We just updated to a nicer camera. Trying to do a more cinematic family vlog type thing, we think. Let us know what you think :)
  22. A. Chanelle


    Hey guys, wondering if there are any Florida Youtubers? I have a vlogging channel and I'm working on my main channel. I'm 20, love going out to events, the arts, and being surrounded by it. I love meeting new people. :) I love traveling and food ^_^ I love creating, taking photos, and filming...
  23. AbeAdams1

    Is it too early to do a STORYTIME youtube vid?

    I am currently on about 130 subs and want to vary my content on my 'AB VLOGS' channel. I have so many crazy stories to tell about whats happened in my past but don't know if there is some sort of unwritten rule about how many subs you have before you can post a STORYTIME video. All help is...
  24. Ben Arrow

    Vlog Daily LifeVloggers

    Hey, My name is Ben, I've been doing daily vlogs (well I try and do every other day for just starting out) vlogs and I'm thinking of maybe having in the very beginning some other vloggers say something like... "Hey this is (ABC Vlogger) and you're watching Ben Arrow Vlogs!" I dunno it might...
  25. Khizer Khani

    Vlog Looking to Collab with people around Toronto, Canada.

    youtube.com/user/KhizerTalks This is my channel, check it out and if you like it then we should meetup and make videos together.
  26. AnnieBean

    Newbie! Need some advice

    Hey there! I am new to this forum and newish to YouTube. I want to make videos people will want to watch but not sure if I am heading in the right direction? Username is anniebeanblog Thoughts, help and any feedback would be ace!
  27. itsnicksnider


    Check out this video please and let me know any feedback you might have!
  28. James Azurin

    30 Subs = a humbled vlogger

    It's a small amount, I know. But I'm more excited about getting better at editing and filming things than I am about getting subscribers. I don't really want to show my videos to people I know until I get better at making them-- that's a good mindset to have, right? Hopefully people will start...
  29. WeKanGame

    100 Subscriber Q&A with my GF!

    Hello All, My GF and I did a Q&A to mark 100 subscribers! We would love to know what you thought of the video, was the music to loud? Just right? Also did you enjoy watching it! Thank you all who check it out and we hope you have a great day!
  30. AbeAdams1

    Vloggers at Halloween?!?!

    So it's that time of the year when the leaves are falling of the trees and everybody is sporting warm colours. I really want a seasonally relevant video to post in the next couple of weeks but don't want to be clichè and just vlog a Halloween party. Let's all spread some ideas and stimulate a...