B&B Hifi

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Hey YT, I would love feedback on the style of our new channel, the channel art, avatar, and even the art assets in the videos.

I like vlogs but think they lack art style and clever editing. I want to make sure we stick out a bit and it's appealing to the eye.

All the feedback is appreciated, and we want to make the best channel/videos as we can.

Thanks guys!!
I really like your banner and the font you used! The colors are really nice and modern looking, so it pops. Your icon, while cool, is a bit dark and hard to see though, maybe add more contrasting colors? Like, make the glasses white or lighter colored. Also while your channel looks nice, adding something to your thumbnails also will make 'em stick out and look more professional and stylish. Happy Youtubing!

(Also im incredibly new to this, so i may not be the best person to take advice from, haha, i only put up my first video yesterday, but i animate and im all artsy i think, so im pretty good at that ; -] )