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  1. NewbArchitect

    Need help deciding what my channel is about...

    Hi guys, its been a while since I posted, but I've been trying to stay as active as possible on YT. I post about once a week, thats my "schedule" at least but sometimes life gets in the way as many yall may know. My question is what my channel genre is. I basically do "animation" like a basic...
  2. MrAndrewFitzy

    Honest Channel Feedback Please

    So I've been vlogging for a while now and I'm just looking for some feedback for things I should change improve on or things that people like and i should do more of to help improve my content. a couple of the things i want to know are - the color grading is it to much should i scale it back...
  3. The Mach Project

    Come for the dancing - Stay for the insight: "Just Be You"

    INTROVERSION VS EXTROVERSION In the end, being introverted or extroverted is only a single part of you. And there's much more to you than just that. If you like this funky dance-packed content, please subscribe! ;)
  4. Joe Brennan

    Vlog I'm looking for someone to do a collab, for lifestyle. i will mention you at the start of the video!

    I will mention the person i collab with in the start of my video asking them to go check out their channel. I do lifestyle videos and vlogging videos. Feel free to check out my content over here at my YouTube channel: @SimplyJoeBrennan
  5. Laura Wills

    How do you stay consistent?!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Laura and my boyfriend, Richie, and I share a vlogging channel where we film our lives here in south Florida! We started our channel a few months go and since then have struggled a bit with uploading consistently. For the first few weeks we were uploading almost daily...
  6. B&B Hifi

    Art Style Feedback

    Hey YT, I would love feedback on the style of our new channel, the channel art, avatar, and even the art assets in the videos. I like vlogs but think they lack art style and clever editing. I want to make sure we stick out a bit and it's appealing to the eye. All the feedback is appreciated...
  7. ShawnMcCallum

    I Hit 50 Subscribers Today!!!

    Thanks for giving me a place to share this milestone and meet all these great people yttalk! I hope to reach 100 by the end of August. New videos, every week!
  8. ShawnMcCallum

    Surfing, Horseback Riding, Zip Lining and a WaterSlide that nearly killed me!

    I took a trip to Costa Rica with 9 friends in February, 2016. It was on this trip that I decided to start vlogging. I have been making fun adventure vlogs ever since. I hope you enjoy!
  9. MistyEmma

    I Need Some Advice - Content Management?

    Hey, At the moment, I do a variety of different videos on my channel from vlogs to storytimes to hauls and DIY videos. I have a separate gaming channel. Previously, I have uploaded cover songs to my main channel. However, I'm thinking of doing a lot more of them, as well as uploading some of my...