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  1. Bentura Madrid

    What two questions would you ask someone to understand who they truly are?

    Latest video, enjoy!
  2. NewbArchitect

    Need help deciding what my channel is about...

    Hi guys, its been a while since I posted, but I've been trying to stay as active as possible on YT. I post about once a week, thats my "schedule" at least but sometimes life gets in the way as many yall may know. My question is what my channel genre is. I basically do "animation" like a basic...
  3. MrAndrewFitzy

    Honest Channel Feedback Please

    So I've been vlogging for a while now and I'm just looking for some feedback for things I should change improve on or things that people like and i should do more of to help improve my content. a couple of the things i want to know are - the color grading is it to much should i scale it back...
  4. The Mach Project

    Come for the dancing - Stay for the insight: "Just Be You"

    INTROVERSION VS EXTROVERSION In the end, being introverted or extroverted is only a single part of you. And there's much more to you than just that. If you like this funky dance-packed content, please subscribe! ;)
  5. Joe Brennan

    Vlog I'm looking for someone to do a collab, for lifestyle. i will mention you at the start of the video!

    I will mention the person i collab with in the start of my video asking them to go check out their channel. I do lifestyle videos and vlogging videos. Feel free to check out my content over here at my YouTube channel: @SimplyJoeBrennan
  6. Laura Wills

    How do you stay consistent?!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Laura and my boyfriend, Richie, and I share a vlogging channel where we film our lives here in south Florida! We started our channel a few months go and since then have struggled a bit with uploading consistently. For the first few weeks we were uploading almost daily...
  7. B&B Hifi

    Art Style Feedback

    Hey YT, I would love feedback on the style of our new channel, the channel art, avatar, and even the art assets in the videos. I like vlogs but think they lack art style and clever editing. I want to make sure we stick out a bit and it's appealing to the eye. All the feedback is appreciated...
  8. ShawnMcCallum

    I Hit 50 Subscribers Today!!!

    Thanks for giving me a place to share this milestone and meet all these great people yttalk! I hope to reach 100 by the end of August. New videos, every week!
  9. ShawnMcCallum

    Surfing, Horseback Riding, Zip Lining and a WaterSlide that nearly killed me!

    I took a trip to Costa Rica with 9 friends in February, 2016. It was on this trip that I decided to start vlogging. I have been making fun adventure vlogs ever since. I hope you enjoy!
  10. MistyEmma

    I Need Some Advice - Content Management?

    Hey, At the moment, I do a variety of different videos on my channel from vlogs to storytimes to hauls and DIY videos. I have a separate gaming channel. Previously, I have uploaded cover songs to my main channel. However, I'm thinking of doing a lot more of them, as well as uploading some of my...