I Need Some Advice - Content Management?


I've Got It
At the moment, I do a variety of different videos on my channel from vlogs to storytimes to hauls and DIY videos. I have a separate gaming channel. Previously, I have uploaded cover songs to my main channel. However, I'm thinking of doing a lot more of them, as well as uploading some of my original songs.
Would it be better to upload my music stuff on a different channel, or should I upload it on my main one, like I did before? I just don't want my main channel to look completely random and messy, with literally every genre of video on it.
I would keep it all on one channel for now (you seem to be starting out and have a low subscriber count, so I always go for the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" strategy there) and organize it using playlists. Also, I would organize by upload days. So on Mondays you could upload storytimes, on Wednesdays hauls, etc. That way, people who are visiting your channel for one type of video know what day to visit, and can choose to view or stay away on videos they're not so interested in on other days.