Gaming Looking to collab (PS4)

Chris woods

Hello there I'm looking to collab with some people on ps4.

The requirements are to have:
• A good mic
• 50 subscribers or more
• Friendly people

If you meet these requirements message me my PSN is: TR_Guardians and also I mostly play gta, overwatch, black ops 3, and more.
I would like to do a collab, I have 150 subs, my mic quality is good and I'm friendly but swear alot (as a joke, no offence to any one), I can do Black Ops 3 or Gta 5. If you want to do the collab, my name on ps4 is AstroFallout
I sadly don't have more than 50 subs, but I do have a GREAT mic and i am a very nice person so, just thought id put this one out there