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  1. Aras

    Vlog Dallas, Texas! Looking to Collab with the Next Big Thing! (at least 5000 subscribers)

    What's Up Guys!! I just joined the Forum! My name is Arastalis, but I go by Aras!! I've been making videos on the internet for a minute. I'm looking for a channel that has the flexibility to post various genre's of vlogs with me and my friends!! Current Channel Stats: youtube.com/Arass Subs -...
  2. J7409

    Other Wanted Weather and all Strange Sky sighting Calabers

    Hi, I am looking for people that would like to calab about weather and all strange sky sightings. If you are interested , jot me a note at jay.chesson68@gmail.com I have a little over 18,000 subs. Look forward to hearing from some of you, if you are interested in growing your channel...
  3. J7409

    Other Looking for someone to calab with on weather and space in all forms.

    Looking for Weather Clabers. And Things in the Sky that seem strange..... I have a little over 18,000 subs. Looking to calab soon. If you are interested please jot me a note at the email below. jay.chesson68@gmail.com Thanks, Jewel Look forward to hear from some of you.
  4. TreesandTravels

    Meet Up/Gathering Anybody in the Chicago area?

    Hey everyone, I have a nature/travel channel at a bit over 500 subs. I've done a couple collabs online that have gone well, but would love to try to do one in person. I'm in the Chicago area until the beginning of June. I'm open to collaborating with most any kind of channel as long as we can...
  5. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Collaboration for xbox/PC games

    Hey guys, my name is izaak and I'm the founder of First order entertainment. Currently with few videos and subs I'm trying to find a good video team. First Order Entertainment is an entertainment group ran by me. We do videos for games, news, reviews, anything of entertainment. Requirments...