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What's Up Guys!! I just joined the Forum!

My name is Arastalis, but I go by Aras!! I've been making videos on the internet for a minute. I'm looking for a channel that has the flexibility to post various genre's of vlogs with me and my friends!!

Current Channel Stats: youtube.com/Arass
Subs - 2.04K
Channel Views - 99,567

Watch Me to See:
- Challenges w Friends
- Puns/Jokes
- Make fun of each other (all the time)
- Helping the Homeless (One of my most interactive videos)

Don't be a stranger! Email me at ( thatswaggyboy@gmail.com ) Let's Grow Together, Build A Large Audience and Live Our Dreams! <3
Whats up Arass!! Honestly I do not have the followers you're looking for, so I completely understand if you have enough going on both on camera and behind the scenes, just let me know.

I recently graduated with degrees in both Digital Media Arts and Computer Science. I am 21 and just moved to Dallas for my Computer Science job. However I want to contribute and use my second degree. I work from 7-4 and really don't have many people here. I am from New York and have a pretty extensive network towards the Buffalo area. I am free almost every night and on the weekends.

I have been on YouTube on others channels and podcasts, however may just start getting into my own content. I am looking to do just about everything you said from ridiculous challenges to podcasts to really anything. I just would like a group in the area to do them with. And of course it would all go on your channel. I do have all the equipment for a channel, however just never took the leap.

I have worked with YouTube mangers before and understand the ins and outs of the business of it from creating actual content to producing the videos, and I understand the persona you have to put on in front of the camera.

If you'd like to talk let me know what you're really looking for. If you're not interested I get it as I don't have a "following" to offer you.

Thanks! JoeyB