minecraft collabs

  1. Bammer213

    Gaming PC Collabs

    Hey all! I am new to YouTube and am looking for someone to collab with. I'd prefer someone around my age (16) and in the US. If you live somewhere we might be able to work something out. I only have 5 subs atm but I've only posted 10 vids. I've only done minecraft so far but am willing to...
  2. D

    Gaming PC Minecraft Youtube Collabs

    I'm want to make a Minecraft groups on PC and make friends.
  3. O

    Gaming Minecraft PC collab

    Hello, does anyone wan't to do a MINECRAFT PC collab? I'm able to do it on Friday, June 03. If anyone is able to do that Requirements: Please NO swearing as I like to keep my channel family friendly Always be yourself Be and...
  4. P

    Gaming Looking for 1-3 people to play my modded server

    so people need to be family friendly have forge 1.8.9 cracked or official if you are interested post a comment i want to make it into a series but you don't need to log on 24/7 just like whenever you want also if you have a cracked version of minecraft that will work too and therefor you can...
  5. Xefin

    Gaming I'm looking for one person on PC to assist me in recording a modded Minecraft series.

    Hello everyone, I'm Xefin and I run a solo YouTube channel which you can find out by asking in the comments to this post. I haven't been going for very long, but something I'm hoping to do is entertain people with some quality, creative, fun gameplay in various games. Right now i'm looking...
  6. Justin Beast

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Server Collab!

    Hello there! My name is BabyAsriel, and I am starting a new Minecraft survival multiplayer server! With this server, I am planning on creating opportunities for collaborations and YouTubers to grow their audiences together. Together plays a big role in this, as it's going to be a server with...
  7. Creeper140

    Gaming Looking For Minecraft Collabs!

    Hi, I am 13 and I would like to collab and play some Minecraft PC! Please reply to me and fill out the information below. By the way, if you want to collab with me then you at least have to be 13 years old! Age: Gender: Language: Country: Amount of Subs: Skype Username: That'a All! Thanks! :)
  8. O

    Gaming looking for a pc/xbox one collaboration partner(s)

    hey everyone that sees this i have been posting a lot but I want another person to have more fun. Pc i will be doing Minecraft GMOD and mostly anything just ask me Xbox- I am mostly gonna focus on call of duty most fps and possible smite and more msg back if interested
  9. E

    Gaming Minecraft Survival Teams

    I am trying to get around 9 people to do a team deathmatch survival kind of thing on Minecraft. If you want to join or have any questions contact me on skype or on here. Requirements are you must have skype, must be inbetween 12-18 (I am 13), must have Minecraft (duh), and you can have any...
  10. mighTYLER99

    Gaming 16 Year Old Pc Gamers

    Hiya!!! My Name Is Ty and i upload pc gaming videos, mainly minecraft, battleblock, and trove, Comment Ur Skype Name If Interested, I Only Ask These Things: 1. Don't Cuss, 2.Have Skype, 3. Be Around My Age :D Also I'm In The US So We'd Have To Work Out Time Schedules My Channel: TysaurusRex
  11. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Collaboration for xbox/PC games

    Hey guys, my name is izaak and I'm the founder of First order entertainment. Currently with few videos and subs I'm trying to find a good video team. First Order Entertainment is an entertainment group ran by me. We do videos for games, news, reviews, anything of entertainment. Requirments...
  12. GamerSkaptooni

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    I have a new upcoming gaming channel made specially for gaming. I play all sorts of latest, funny, old, games. I am looking to collaborate with any other good standing channel that does gaming or commentaries videos like me. If you need more information on the type of collaboration I need, or...