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I have a new upcoming gaming channel made specially for gaming. I play all sorts of latest, funny, old, games. I am looking to collaborate with any other good standing channel that does gaming or commentaries videos like me.
If you need more information on the type of collaboration I need, or you would like to tell me about a type of collab you would like. Just reply and ill have my e-mail given to talk further. Thanks :)
Hello! :) maybe you could introduce yourself and tell us who you are before all of this :D _

Welcome here!
Alright, I'll introduce myself but not deeply. Simply, I'm a person who started a gaming/commentating youtube channel, recently. I am looking to collaborate with previously good standing experienced gaming channel owners. This collaboration might stay for long or stop at a point depending on how it's effectively being to both of us.
I'll contact the person that I would think that it would be comfortable to work with.
That's basically it.
Thanks :)