1. O

    commentary video ideas

  2. IVY

    commentary channels and defamation of character.

    I have a commentary channel and I don't want to get sued for defamation of character. what can I do to prevent that from happening.
  3. T

    Gaming Pc gaming group

    I AM JOINING A COLLAB Anyone wants to collab? hit me up on skype "Zee 4" i play on pc. pc games: -gta 5 -csgo -gmod -dead by daylight -overwatch -rainbow six siege -Disc wars any more... i am looking for 16+ i am 16 myself. i need to collab with people that are funny and wont take jokes...
  4. SkillsUnHeard

    Hey guys, any tips for me to reach my first 100 subs!

    Hello everyone, I'm SkillsUnHeard and i've been on Youtube since November 2016 now but i only just started uploading commentaries last week. I am mainly a Call of Duty Channel but i also do let's plays. I was wondering if any of u guys or girls have any tips for me to gain subscribers it would...
  5. Justine

    Need Feedback on Recent Content!

    So I do gaming videos and every month or so I try to get feedback on what I'm doing right and wrong, and recently, I've started to put in a facecam for the scary games I play and that's been a hit or miss but maybe it's just the content? I'm not sure, so If you could look to my channel and tell...
  6. Sir Stellar

    Feedback Needed!

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone can review my 3 latest videos and provide some feedback on what i should do better for my next upload! Every piece of feedback is welcome and dont be scared of being harsh. At the end of the day all the feedback received will be to make my content better, and...
  7. MrDooney

    Gameplay Commentaries

    So, nobody told me this, so when I used to commentate a while back on my channel, I looked like a huge a** hat. So to commentating channels out there with less than 100 subscribers, lemme help you. Don't script you comms That is all. lol. But seriously scripting comms is legit the exact same...
  8. Winger94

    SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!| Mighty no 9 First impressions!

    Hello guys! I'm so thrilled to play this game. I really loved Megaman when I was a young tiny boy ( I played a lot of them) and I have great expectations for Mighty No 9. This will be a first impression video and it was difficult enough! If you have any suggestion feel free to use the comments...
  9. SwiftFuture

    Gaming Come And Lets Help Each Other Out And Colab?!

    Ok, so I know that im not the biggest content creator ever and nor do i have subs but that doesnt change the fact that i would love to do colabs with anyone big or small just hit me up through my skype which is Swift_Future and ill be sure to let you know when we can colab. Thanks for your time...
  10. Kelham

    Blue Snowball iCE Review + Tests (please leave feedback)

    Can you please give me feedback on here and/or on my YouTube video? I have recently just gotten this microphone and am going to be uploading a lot more now but I want to know things I can improve on. :)
  11. Kousuke-shii

    Question for Commentators! Scripts or No scripts?

    So, I've started to do commentary videos on my channel. Not the type that has a game playing on the background but the one with tons of editing. (Idk how to explain it just check it out?) So here are the questions... Do you write scripts then follow those scripts while recording your audio? Or...
  12. Lowki

    Final Fantasy X PC remastered Part 2!!

    Hey guys!! My name is Lowki and I have just uploaded part 2 to my FFX playthrough, you guys should go check it out and subscribe! Leave any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism that seems fit, my new mic will be here tomorrow so my audio quality will be getting a lot better. Here is a link to my video:
  13. Sam Wolfie

    Gaming Channel Review

    Hey I've been making gaming videos for a while now it would be great if ya'll could check out my channel and give me some pointers on what I can do to make it better. Any type of criticism would be great. :help::)
  14. Theo2max

    Loving CSGO

    Well I've had CSGO for quite a while and I wanted to tell the things I like and see when I play the game.
  15. FatalAti

    DeadBolt | The One that Makes You Rage

    Hey guys, I will be posting my latest DeadBolt Episodes here. I already done 3 of them and they were hell of a fun. So hope you will have a hellicious fun with bobby and me :P EPISODE 1 EPISODE 2 This was a fun part :DEPISODE 3 This was my favorite one. I died 10 times and stuff. but It is...
  16. JoshInspires

    Any Ideas For Commentaries?

    Just any ideas for what to commentate about.. Post them below if you would please, thank you! I just make commentaries on YouTuber so sometimes I have no idea what to talk about.
  17. AM25

    Commentary Looking for a commentary collab

    Hello fellow content creators,I really want to start collabing with other fellow YouTubers and meet new people on my youtube journey in order to grow.Currently, I am looking to collab with someone at around about 100 to 150 subs like me.We can do pc gaming or a joint commentary whatever one...
  18. KingSpicy!


    Hey there people of the internet! Is there anybody that can make me a cartoon intro and outro for FREE? It would be a blessing if anyone could come out and accept my request! Please message me if you are willing to make me a cartoon INTRO and OUTRO for FREE!
  19. GamerSkaptooni

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    I have a new upcoming gaming channel made specially for gaming. I play all sorts of latest, funny, old, games. I am looking to collaborate with any other good standing channel that does gaming or commentaries videos like me. If you need more information on the type of collaboration I need, or...
  20. Onister

    Gaming Collaboration?

    Im looking for someone that plays cod on xbox and who is over the age of 15. i want to just do a duelcom.