I Love YTtalk
So I do gaming videos and every month or so I try to get feedback on what I'm doing right and wrong, and recently, I've started to put in a facecam for the scary games I play and that's been a hit or miss but maybe it's just the content? I'm not sure, so If you could look to my channel and tell me what I need to fix or try to do differently, that'd be great! I'd love to have feedback on my recent normal commentaries compared to my facecam videos and see if it's content or something else that I can change!

Oh, if you also wanna give me tips on my thumbnails, channel art, or anything like that, I'm super open to that to so lemme know if you have any ideas in general on how to improve my channel!
Hi there Justine, I think your thumbnails look awesome! I think the real problem you are having is your SEO your titles and descriptions do not target keywords your video should rank for- there are loads of guides on here and online about it!- that will help you a bunch.

Keep face cam is awesome to see your reactions and the gaming community love that and girl gamers your videos are really entertaining keep up the good work :)