Any Ideas For Commentaries?

Just any ideas for what to commentate about.. Post them below if you would please, thank you!

I just make commentaries on YouTuber so sometimes I have no idea what to talk about.
There is many things on the topic of commenting, one thing to keep in mind is to not constrain yourself if you cerebrate its far fetched. Something i would recommend is to optically canvass other YouTubers who do what you do similarly, and get a conception as to what to do. Please do not plain out copy them, but get a sense as to what is out there. I personally do commentary videos as well and i search up trending news story's, and incline to probe for gaming cognate ones, but that is because it pertains to my channel. Here are some to commence you out if you're to indolent to do research. If you got any fascinating story's from your past, verbalize about them over game play, or you can verbalize about how the YouTube copy right system is garbage, As well as other things that are trending. Check me out on YouTube to see a different perspective of commentating. Just search up BroadcastgameplayHD the one on here is broken lol.