Commentary Looking for a commentary collab


Hello fellow content creators,I really want to start collabing with other fellow YouTubers and meet new people on my youtube journey in order to grow.Currently, I am looking to collab with someone at around about 100 to 150 subs like me.We can do pc gaming or a joint commentary whatever one works well for you.I am open to doing any other talking related videos you have.

My skype:Ash/Flash

If your interested contact me on skype or on here as I am always online
I really want to collab to get my channel going but dont have 100subs :( hit me if you have any interest on helping me get started on youtube :)

Youtube channel----- Signy
I want to collab with you for your commentary thing, but I'm just 20 subs off from 100.

I hope we can do something in the future if at all possible
I am in a channel of 138+ subs, and I've done some commentary videos already.
I might be interested in going a collaboration of some kind!

Though, I can't see your channel. Your link doesnt seem to work.