1. FrankenPixelGaming

    Trying to Talk is Harder Than Previously Thought

    So after recording/editing just now, one thing became immediately clear to me: attempting to fill all the dead air is a much more intimidating thing than I thought. Trying to find the happy medium between silence and screaming crap into the audience's ear is difficult, and even after just a few...
  2. K

    Commentary Looking for a commentating channel with at least 600 sub

    So I am just looking to make a Collab with someone with at least 600 subs preferebly my size or even better bigger than me. You must get at least 100 views a video, 15 likes and 20 comments. That's it. My email: Also tell me the moment you contact me so I know because I...
  3. Puck Mitchell

    WHY: Get involved a new series begging the question why.

    So, I'm beginning my new series WHY: I will attempt to tackle any question thrown at me about anything! I edit gameplay however it serves as a backdrop if I talk about whatever else, in this episode I just answered the question as to why dark souls 3 is different, rambled a little but it was...
  4. Mattaxol

    MYSTERIOUS SHANGRI-LA | Far Cry 4 (Feedback please?! :))

    Starting a new series, Far Cry 4, and getting used to commentating/solo videos(/playthroughs?). Really do hope you guys enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please please let me know how to improve. Thank you!!
  5. AM25

    Commentary Looking for a commentary collab

    Hello fellow content creators,I really want to start collabing with other fellow YouTubers and meet new people on my youtube journey in order to grow.Currently, I am looking to collab with someone at around about 100 to 150 subs like me.We can do pc gaming or a joint commentary whatever one...
  6. FlubADubh

    How do I get better at commentating while recording!!??

    My channel is newish and i have trouble trying to commentate like Captainsparklez or Ashdubh I know I'm only just beginning but i need some tips on how to be a better commentator. Thank you for the help.