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Loving YTtalk
So, nobody told me this, so when I used to commentate a while back on my channel, I looked like a huge a** hat. So to commentating channels out there with less than 100 subscribers, lemme help you.

Don't script you comms

That is all. lol. But seriously scripting comms is legit the exact same as somebody rapping, while reading it, it sounds boring, and you normally screw up if you didn't proofread it a kajillion fuckin times.

So instead to keep yourself focused, what I would do is the get the app on your computer/ laptop/ whatever the f**k it is that your heart desires, get the app Notepad++ And keep a table of contents. I almost guaranteed that it will improve your commentaries. Also have water, you dont want to have a dry throat. giggity, sorry that was a terrible joke, maybe instead of water I should just use bleach

But in all seriousness, this is what I mean

"The Keemstar Rant"
Talk about keemstar
He is a b***h
Talk about Drama alert
It ruins channels
Because he is a b***h
He is bias
My experience
He swatted me
Gave out info
Tweeted about me 4+ times a day
Blocked me on twitter
He is actually a good guy

if you see where I'm getting at your good, try it out for a commentary and stay focused on the topic

ALSO one last thing, do multiple takes with the same exact template, but focus of different topics more, so you can combine them, and make the best damn commentary you ever made :)

Any questions, or if you wanna roast me, tell me below :)
Good tips, might want to add in there "get a good microphone" as well :D

PS: You might want to fix your channel redirect link as it is redirecting to a non-existing channel.
Oh yea true, good mics lol, I hate listening to mics that sound like that they're from WW2 lol,
And thank you for telling me, I will fix that
edit - its fixed now
Nice tips, when I do commentaries I have similar bullet points like the ones you showed above. It just takes a lot of practise to get good at them too I guess
Thank you Hazzador, bullet points are very good too, its just I try to get in detail with each topic, or else my mind would go to random topics lol. And practicing is key also, learning to be fluent, and trying not to stutter = me a few months ago aha