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  1. I

    Gaming Looking For New FRIENDS

    Hi, my name is Riley Kerr and later this year I’m going to be launching my Gaming Channel with my Fiancé. We have purchased a expensive drawing tablet and will be hand drawing our gaming thumbnails and I’ll be editing them every Friday and publishing one video a day. we are looking for new...
  2. T


    Hello, my name is Tyler and I am looking for about 3 people to record some gaming videos with. Im looking for people for long-term over a year. (About me) I have been doing youtube since 2011 and have a great understanding of what people want to see in there content they are watching and I know...
  3. T

    Gaming Fortnite all night (PC)

    Hello I'm going to be playing fortnite all night tonight (Its already 12midnight) and tomorrow MAYBE as well. please hit me up if you are interested in joining in to grain like crazy to get wins. GT- Tylerharding69
  4. Senergy Steez

    Dying From The Light

  5. RetroMania

    Epic Classic DOOM Nostalgia Playthrough

    What is up guys, I just started a youtube gaming series where I'm playing DOOM with "brutal doom mod" just to make things more gory :sneaky2: my channel is mainly about retro games like Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, Heretic, Star Wars and different stuffs, for now I've just uploaded some classic shooter...
  6. ARealHuman

    History of Haunted Houses in PC Games (Halloween Special)

    The History of Haunted Houses in PC games is a Halloween special featuring some of the most memorable, spooky, and terrifying video games from the early 90s to the end of the decade. I would love any and all feedback.
  7. BG Crew

    The Wonderful End of the World: Part #4: There's a new church in town.

    We introduce you to the Holy Church of Ape.
  8. BG Crew

    The Wonderful End of the World: Part #3: Snag a Peach

    We have some improper turtle management over here!
  9. BG Crew

    The Wonderful End of the World: Part #1: Hoarders Unite!

    This game is entirely about hoarding.
  10. I

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collabs

    Waddup guys im a 17 year old guy looking for a couple friends to play some games with and record. ONLY THINGS I ASK IS Above 15 Good quality channel art, and a decent mic Also Eastern US Over 50 subs I play games such as pubg,overwatch csgo,garrys mod,gta v and others Hmu on discord...
  11. JayPlaysOfficial

    Lets Play | Inside | #10 | THE END HAS COME...

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video! Before this video starts, I just want to give a shout-out to Bucket Hat Aficionado for the great feedback on my channel! i really appreciate it! any feedback that is left on my channel is always appreciated, just...
  12. Acidic

    Gaming serious youtube colab

    This is for Pc Gaming Only ! ! ! I need Guys or girls that are dead serious youtubers that are dedicated and willing to be there for the videos and that will be funny and try and talk for the entire video i need 3 more people maybe 4 requirements: You have to show ups as much as possible...
  13. ValxGaming

    Gaming PC Gaming Parnters

    Am looking for people to play dead by daylight and battlefield 1 on PC. We can play other games as well if you want. If you are interested, Add me on discord ValxGaming#5124
  14. AMX Gaming

    Double Dragon 4 Finale

    We begin this double dragon finale in stage 9, last time we died in stage 10, so close to the end, but we realize that if you hit start or enter you can continue from the last stage you completed.... as usual i focused on the better moments of this game, it's so much fun, i enjoyed playing...
  15. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third #69: Never take the short cut

    Fear the Portugalian Rage
  16. snaredneptune

    I'm new to YouTube, so feedback is important to me.

    As I started down the path, of YouTubing I want my channel and my self to be the best I can be. So feedback is crucial to my success, I want as much feedback as possible to grow and learn. Please be honest with feedback, I'm looking for details on commentary, editing style, and anything that...
  17. BG Crew

    Belligerent Gamezing: Outlast #1 - We have a new diet for you.

    Time for mozzarella and a shot of olive oil. Guaranteed weight loss.
  18. BG Crew

    Saints Row: The Third: #64: Let's touch dicks

    Lots of car f*****g in this one
  19. BG Crew

    Among the Sleep #11: My mom is a drunk!

    Where the hell is Chapter 5?!
  20. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collaboration/Crew/Partner

    Hey YTtalk i'm a 13 year old yet I am pretty mature so don't doubt me. I play mostly on pc, and will be getting a larger genre of games in the future. For right now I have Minecraft, Csgo, League of Legends, and a few others like DayZ.
  21. BG Crew

    Among the Sleep #9: Keep yo happy safe!

    They're trying to steal your happy son!
  22. BG Crew

    The Yawhg #7: Where we find much comf!

    We finally did it!
  23. BG Crew

    The Yawhg: Where we lose all of our minds

    We make our own adventure and Delta Thrace loses his minds!
  24. boydjenkins18

    Gaming ✅HARDCORE PC Gamers COLLAB!

    Attention for all Hard Core Pc Gamers out there. I would love to make a collaboration and have fun with every single one of you and make consistent gaming content every day. Playing a game by yourself and recording yourself is, a bit, not fun anymore. Lets talk a little about myself and my...
  25. DisStalker

    Cringy clustertruck gameplay

    this will be so cringy becuase I'm terrible
  26. PC Noobs Gaming

    Gaming NBA 2K17 Collab on PC Only!

    Looking to collab with anyone whos interested in playing my park on pc or pro am. Would love to work with anyone whos competitive as it would make for great content!
  27. Christoverse

    My 22 Overwatch Hero Voice Impressions Video, What do you think?

    Hey everyone, I host a channel where I do commentary style gameplay as well as voice impressions, rants and challenges. My latest video is that of me impersonating all 22 heroes + the announcer and a made up character. I'd love your feedback on it, and even my channel in general if you have...
  28. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Looking For people to collab with (any sub count)

    Hey all My name is Trevor from Divide And Conquer. I am a gaming YouTuber who plays VR and PC games like The Forest, Ark Survival, Rust, Savage Lands, Space Engineers, Tabletop Simulator and Much much more. If you are interested in a collab go ahead and leave a message below and a link to your...
  29. Hellolabgroup

    NEVERENDING NIGHTMARES - Let me AXE a Question (Horror)

    I HIGHLY recommend this game if you like horror and unique art styles! I was terrified, had goosebumps, was sweating, and was just generally REALLY uncomfortable playing this! Watch me roam from one nightmare to the next in this Nightmare-ception of a horror game! :D