1. Light

    Developer Reads Steam Greenlight Comments

    I made a Greenlight game that got Greenlit recently so I decided to make this. I'd appreciate feedback to make better content or new ideas for content to make. Or even if you just want to ask me any questions about anything is cool too.
  2. A


    Hey I'm looking for a long time gaming collab were we can do many videos together and advertise each others channel. The requirements are down below along with all the games that I have. REQUIREMENTS A DECENT MIC MORE THEN 20 SUBS A COMPUTER THAT'S NOT LAGGY GAMES MINECRAFT OVERWATCH ARK...
  3. Tuttiman

    Gaming looking for a gaming partner for youtube like crundee, smosh or pewds and ken,

    I need some people to record with. like on a regular basic as a squad. one person that can match with my youtube time and has similar games to me. it would be nice to have someone 15+, decent mic and at least 50+ subs. Also someone with good intro and graphics skills. the games I have are...
  4. Blast231

    Gaming Pc Gaming Colab

    Looking for people to play with and have a good time. I mostly play Gmod, but we can play other games just suggest them. Preferably, looking for people with: a yt channel, steam, and skype. Look at my channel to see examples of what I do.
  5. whats_good

    GOT WOOD?!

  6. Davis McLeod

    Gaming PC Terraria Collaboration with TheGaminController

    If you want to collab with me then make sure you have Terraria on steam. I will accept 1-3 channels but if so make some great conversations. You can get steam by googling steam. My channel has a little bit under 90 subscribers. Make sure that you have around the same subscribers (115 - 75...
  7. TheConfidentGamer

    Gaming Need at least 4 people for a collab on PC.

    Delete this thread, I don't need it anymore
  8. T

    Gaming Who wants to do a collaboration with me

    Does anyone want to do a collaboration with me on PC I have Minecraft and also my steam name is maverick✈️✈️✈️✈️ it's your choice what game we play as long as I have it. I am looking for someone between the age range of 12 - 15 you have to speak English as that is the only language I speak. You...
  9. T


  10. B


    Hello Guys, Bumthimble out there, I want someone to collab. Check out my newest video and see my channel. channel name: Bumthimble Requirements: At least 1,000 Subs At Least 100,000 Total Channel Views Active Channel Games: Garry's Mod , Unturned , Brawhalla , And multiplayer horror games.
  11. BG Crew

    Gaming, Hilarity, and absolute Ridiculousness! Check us out!

    Hey y'all. If you like gaming and hilarity, come on over to Belligerent Gamezing. We play all kinds of games and act ridiculous while doing so. Check out our vids, let us know what you think, and if you like us then feel free to subscribe and like our vids. We love being ridiculous and we hope...
  12. CapnEthan

    Feedback on My First Lets Play? :D

    So its my first one and I think that it's alright and yes I know, I have lots of room for improvement! But I was wondering if you guys could tell me where that room is, how you think I could get better, or anything in general! I know that I stumble over my words occasionally and that my mic...
  13. C

    Gaming PC gaming collaboration (minecraft, steam games)

    I am a PC gamer. I am looking to play Minecraft, Scrap Mechanic and pretty much any free steam game. To collaborate with me you need: - a decent PC - fast internet connection - Skype - to be between 13 and 16 years old because i would like to collaborate with someone about the same age as me. -...
  14. Noob Gamer

    Top 10 Games Under 10

    So I scoured the web to find the best games on a budget. Check it out and let me know your thoughts and if I missed any out you would have like to have seen
  15. GamerSplurge

    Massive Rage Was Had

    Those of you that haven't played this yet, I want to recommend that you do but at your own bloody risk.
  16. Densestsoup2

    Gaming Collaboration w/ people on PC (Steam/Minecraft)

    Hello! I am interested in working with collaborating with other people, to improve the overall quality of my commentary, and just communicate with someone other then myself. Here's a little about me! I'm 15 1/2 (The 1/2 matter m8) Usually am on steam Enthusiastic when around other people, and...
  17. Zach S.

    Not on My Watch!!! || Firewatch Ep. 1

    Description :This is the first episode to the long series of the amazing game, Firewatch. We get to play as Henry, and we discover how the life that he has is. Thank you for watching and please be sure to stay tuned and subscribed to see more of the series as they come out! Social : Twitter ...
  18. Cyphermur9t

    Gaming Looking for fellow Youtubers (PC)

    If you are looking to play PC games with another Youtuber, there's a whole bunch to choose from on these forums. I post anything I want on my channel, from game highlights to flash and 3D animation. My gaming schedule is erratic (I can be on at noon one day, and midnight another) so it's...
  19. ComputerFiguur

    Gaming PC Gaming collaboration

    Hey! Lets introduce myself.. I am a 24-year old female gamer from the Netherlands.. Well i turn 25 next week but thats something for that week.. For my channel i'm looking for people to collab with. I do have a few things that you have to be or can do.. - You have to be atleast 16 years old! -...
  20. Tonix Gaming

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab/Gaming Group (1000+ Subs)

    Hey we are Tonix Gaming and we have 1000+ subscribers currently. We play games off of steam like Rust, GTA V, CSGO, and a few others. We are looking to either start a small gaming group or just find some more people to collab with. If you are interested please reply send us an email at...
  21. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  22. 123Zeus

    Gaming Need some general collaboration PC/Playstation

    Looking for another channel to collab with. I have PC, PS3, and PS4, but I would prefer to collab on PC as that is the easiest to record and I play that the most. I am looking for a channel that: -Has over 5,000 subscribers -Enjoys being comedic/ Is naturally funny -Is very laid back/ Not...
  23. TheViralKing

    Star Wars Battlefront Live Commentary | “Heroes vs Villains” "Hoth" Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay!

    Hey guys, take a look at my first video on Star Wars Battlefront, let me know if you liked it, reply down here for stuff you want me to see and tell me your psn or steam id if you are looking to collab here is the video:
  24. OrangeBackwards

    Gaming OrangeBackwards Collab e.g Minecraft and some steam games like warframe

    Hi guys im OrangeBackwards, and im looking to do a collab with some one ive got 17 subs and would like to grow. Requirments: 13+ of age must have minecraft and steam you have to be nice speak english have to have mic skype My skype is OrangeBackwards
  25. ChicTomboy

    Warframe and Fun

  26. Syx

    Gaming Looking to collab (PC)(Steam)

    Hey, my names Syx :) here's a little bit of info Age: 20 Time Zone: GMT Language/s: English When I'm online?: Everyday :) Mic? Yes Editing Tools? Yes Games: About 136 Steam: Jixarh Skype: Twitch_2012 Subs: Only 6, because I haven't started uploaded yet Hit me up, or reply to this forum if you...
  27. Dice Rollen

    Fran Bow-Ending | Back to Reality?

    Will anyone survive the ending of Fran Bow?!
  28. Shehzad

    Steam Security Changes, PS4 Brings PC Remote Play & More - Gaming News

    Steam brings new changes/improvements to the trading system and also applies it to the community markets. PS4 brings PC Remote play so that we can stream games onto the PC and play enjoy it on a monitor. Also Gears Of War Ultimate Edition is plagued by bugs. I give my opinions on all topics...
  29. Porky

    Stardew Valley! - Let's Play

    Hey hey hey I'm Porky and this is my new series. This is a very Harvest Moon esque game so if you like Faming Simulations then this is good, I also encourage go buying it! Woo! Anyway here is the first EP :p PLAYLIST LINK:
  30. BrownMonkey101

    Gaming Want to Collab? I'll help YOU to GROW!

    Yo guys its me BrownMonkey101 here! I currently have over 100 subscribers and would like to find channels with similar sizes to collab with! If you do decide to collab with me then great, because I can help you to grow and in return you can help me! Requirements! 1. Must have atleast 50...