Gaming Looking For Someone To Collab With


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Hey there, I am only 15 years old so if you want older people sorry about that.

I am looking for people to collab with in the hope I can grow my channel to the 350+ range.

I play pc games on steam and I play two in particular games, Freestyle Basketball 2 and Gmod.

So if anyone would be kind enough to collab that would be awesome :).

Steam- Kyrixz
Discord- Kyrixz
Hey! I love your videos, dude! My name is, of course, Order 66, and if you wanted, I'd be down for playing some Gmod with you! I am aware my channel link isn't under this message, but just search my name and look for my picture XD. Anyways, reply to this message if you are intrested in my offer, and I hope to hear from you soon!