Gaming Looking for 3-4 people to record a gaming Podcast with!

Wolven_ (Joe)

New Member
As the title suggests, I'm looking for 3-4 people to do a weekly/wheneverly podcast with.
You can main any gaming platform and play any games - the more diversity we have on it the better.

-You should have a knowledge of the gaming community, recent games (including indie on steam).
-Age 15+
-A good microphone
-Activity (Preferable as much as possible, as the Podcast may be weekly)

If you suit the requirements, add me on Discord, Wolven_#0706, and join the server that the Podcast will be done on, 69y9Cbv.

PM me or @ me on the server and we'll talk!
I would love to help you out! I reach all the requirement but I can't seem to find you on discord. My name is [WsG] ShadowDaniel #9752[DOUBLEPOST=1489364379,1489364186][/DOUBLEPOST]nvm I think I got it now