1. mariaMary

    Services Finding love in a virtual world

    Online dating has dramatically transformed the landscape of romantic connections, providing a virtual space for people to meet, connect, and build relationships. The impact on the lesbian dating scene in Baltimore has been substantial, offering both opportunities and challenges. 1. Increased...
  2. A

    Make Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos

    Hi Guys, I was worried about my YouTube Channels and Views. I need more YouTube views in minimum time. I asked my friend and he recommended me this E-Book (How to Get 10K Real YouTube Views in a Week) Has Anyone Read it? Is it Good? In this E-Book, I get to know some tricks, strategies, and...
  3. HellOnEarth215


    Some of the greatest video game content known to man. I have a great idea that will help every Youtuber get subscribers. But there's only one catch, you have to pay it forward. Let's help each other reach 1000 Subscribers.
  4. OndaWire

    Welcome to OndaWire -home of tech and deals

    Welcome to Ondawire -home of the best tech and deals Here's the new trailer showcasing what my channel is all about!‬ From unfiltered tech reviews, discounted deals on your favorite electronics, and my very own exclusive "Ondawire" tech lin Subscribe and join the fun today or head over to the...
  5. OndaWire

    This Keyboard is game changing! A must see!

    This isn't your typical keyboard! This keyboard has 3 buttons for easy switching between devices, literally ALL devices that you can type with can be connected (TV's, PC's, Tablets and smartphones). Don't have Bluetooth? Don't worry this comes with extras to fix that! This is definitely a MUST...
  6. earnwithronny

    Strategies to promote you tube channel

    Hello everyone! I have been doing youtube for years, ( as a side , just for fun) I am inspired by all the famous youtubers rice gum, vitaly, and other successful youtubers. Recently i have been taking it more serious (2.5k views) I currently have a channel dedicated to ways to make money online...
  7. Novainfusion

    Pantheon top makes Fizzsticks

    Hi all, Yesterday i played pantheon top vs a Fizz and i totally destroyed him in the lane. It was an easy ranked game and my team steamrolled the enemy. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, Subscribe, Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  8. Novainfusion

    Ranked league of Legends game (platinum 1 i got rekt )

    Hi everyone. Its been awhile since i last uploaded a ranked league of legends game. So i thought i would play a game ranked top with singed for you guys. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Subscribe or Comment. Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  9. Novainfusion

    PUBG Video for people who like that game.

    Hello everyone. Novainfusion here again i started this new series of PUBG. Me trying to get chicken dinner. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Share, Subscribe or Comment Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  10. Novainfusion

    First Gaming video thread. (PUBG Funny Troll Moments)

    Hello everybody, This is my first thread in this part of yttalk. I made this gaming video which i hope you all enjoy and like. The game is PUBG and its a fun game and i hope you guys like the moments i recorded. Thanks for watching and leave a comment if you want to ask anything. Have a nice...
  11. Brito21

    Its litty! Battlefield 1 multiplayer!

    In this video I jump on some xbox one and put in work on Battlefield 1 gameplay multiplayer. Enjoy the commentary and see me light people up with the sniper. It was a lit game even though i was rusty. Mexican kid playing this battlefield 1 was tricky because all these kids take these games so...
  12. The Unwanted Letter

    Get a wireless router or wifi card?

    Its me again your friendly neighborhood.....yeah. I just wanted to see if any knew which option would better, im building a pc and usually you have wired connection..problem is my router and modem are all the way on the other side of the house and its pretty lengthy, so i wanted to see which...
  13. AMX Gaming

    Brawlhalla Collab With RedMageGames

    This is a video of a collab with redmagegames on brawlhalla. this was so much fun to do and there are so many funny moments, fun times and some nice fights between us and other players. Thank You For Watching This Let's Play Video, Have A Very Nice Day
  14. K

    I have a Question about Recording an Online Game.

    Recording an Online Game So I've recently started to play more games on the PC and now I want to record some. However, If I record an "Online" Game, for example, ( Will people be able to hear my commentary in the "Actual" Game. If so, how would I be able to set up a party or...
  15. D

    Gaming I would like to play some Mario Party with you!

    Hi! I am DaffyDethklok and I would like to play Mario Party with you! Which one? We can play Mario party 1, 2 or 3! How? This will be done via an emulator (on PC) that comes with online play functionality! I will send you the links when I get people to play. In order to join, all you have to do...
  16. Z

    Gaming Forza Horizon 3 Challenge video

    hey i am looking for 3 to 5 people to make a few challenge videos in forza i dont have alot of subs so i dont expect the people in the video to have a lot of subs ether i just want to find some people who want to have fun and to come up with some cool ideas i also play other games like csgo and...
  17. Michael Copeland

    Gaming WWE 2k17 Collaboration.

    Hey guys Michael here and I am planning on playing wwe 2k17 for the xbox one on my channel when it comes out. Wanting to play online matches. If you are planning on getting the game and are interested in a collab, let me know by replying here or on twitter. Requirements: 18+ No sub requirement...
  18. Ninja

    HELICOPTER BUMPER CARS | GTA Online | Funny Moments

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?
  19. Alpheta Gaming

    Overwatch episode 4 | Fiiiinnnee i'll be Bastion

    Hey guys, I though I would share my latest Overwatch video with you all. I am creating a playlist which will include a video for each character displaying there abilities, gameplay and hopefully how good they can be. This time around is Bastian so check it out and let me know what you think...
  20. Cyphermur9t

    Gaming Looking for fellow Youtubers (PC)

    If you are looking to play PC games with another Youtuber, there's a whole bunch to choose from on these forums. I post anything I want on my channel, from game highlights to flash and 3D animation. My gaming schedule is erratic (I can be on at noon one day, and midnight another) so it's...
  21. Shadow Major

    GTA V Slasher and Shenanigans!

    WARNING, CONTENTS MAY INCLUDE SWEARING, AND GAMING UNDER INTOXICATION! IT MAY BE FUNNY, BUT DO NOT REPLICATE ANYTHING YOU SEE HERE! So alcohol, gaming, two things destined to go hand in hand... yeah right, here is just 16 minutes of why alcohol and gaming is bad (for you, funny as hell for...
  22. Shadow Major

    CHECK OUT MY MASSIVE STICK!! online magic trick

    Okay guys, I admit, Even I get sick from time to time.... I've been struck down by a killer head cold, and have only finally been able to get back into it, I am editing new stuff as we speak (assuming you're reading this when I upload it) so stick around and you shall see more!
  23. Shadow Major

    MOCKINGBLADE! THE LAUGHTER GAMES part III Rocket League Gameplay

    The final epic (and ridiculous) conclusion to the trio's battle of gods and AI in Rocket League! How wide was it? that is the question! ******************************************************************** Check out the other mofo's channels SamuraiHex...
  24. Shadow Major

    CATCHING BANTER! The Laughter Games part II (Rocket League Gameplay)

    The Rocket League Games are heating up! Even more epic shots, even more epic fails, but more importantly...even more HILARIOUS ACTION Check out the two other legends of this trio! SwitchBladeJay: SamuraiHex...
  25. Shadow Major

    WILL YOU BET ON BLACK? Interactive magic trick

    Watch me mix all the cards, lay out six of them, you pick one, and I'll guess which one is yours! IT WORKS EVERY TIME! Tell my what you guys think, and how well it worked on you :)
  26. IKONG


  27. John B

    Question About IZEA...

    Hello all! I am interested in the IZEA YouTube Sponsorship website, and am curious about a detail in their Terms of Service, It essentially says you have to be over 18 to join, why is this? I'm 17 and this is kind of bugging me... I'm not sure exactly why one would need to be 18 to join such a...
  28. LadyFMG

    Gaming PC MotoGP 15

    Hey, Is there anyone else who's playing MotoGP 15 on the pc, and would like to race online from time to time? I play the game quite a lot, but almost never online :( So if you play the MotoGP 15 game and would like to play together sometime let me know down below :) Prefarrably someone a bit...