Other Collaborator wanted

Hi, i am new to collaboration topic. i have never collaborated with anyone till now. if anyone interested to collaborate please let me know.
My channel name is video4 everythings. So it contains wide range of videos. But my channel has few viewers and subscribe now. but recently its increasing than before. currently we are focusing on live event, especially astronomy. we will be streaming live of upcoming solar eclipse 2020. depends on weather condition though. we have our own apps to promote live videos about space universe or astronomy. some royalty free footage are being shown as well as some live video of moon via telescope.

anybody interested then please contact me.as well as please gude me how to collaborate each other. simply no idea at all.

my channel link is at bio
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Hi, i receive notification about U

Hey, I would like to collab with you. DM me on insta: @justlifethingzz

i am happy to collaborate with you. One problem is i dont use instagram anymore.
meanwhile i can check message if anyone sends me in insta via Facebook Manager ( facebook page manager). I don use FB to.so only for my page i use this app. If you could sent me message DM in insta: @01.goodsun then i can be connected with you. Facebookmanager doesnot allow to search or sent any message without someone sent to inbox For insta contacts.
I have skype and telegram. sorry for such difficulties. If u are still interested please do contact me. Or if you have skype or telegram, i can contact u. Thanks.