1. videos4everythings

    Other Collaborator wanted

    Hi, i am new to collaboration topic. i have never collaborated with anyone till now. if anyone interested to collaborate please let me know. My channel name is video4 everythings. So it contains wide range of videos. But my channel has few viewers and subscribe now. but recently its increasing...
  2. Connor's Corner

    Meet Up/Gathering 7 to 9 yr old Orange County California collaboration toy review

    Hi. I'm looking for a child collaborator in South Los Angeles County, Long Beach, or Orange County to do a collaboration video. Looking for a small channel for an equitable collaboration. We are looking for a guest kid to play with Connor and a new toy to review for the audience. We...
  3. Brattyharp

    Gaming Looking for some people to collaborate with!

    Hello everyone out there! I'm looking for people that are willing to collaborate with me! I do play a lot of pc. But I do also play Xbox and playstation. If you want to collaborate message me, what platform you play and what games you usually play or post!
  4. Minepro140

    Gaming Minecraft PS4 YouTuber looking for fellow Collaborators

    Hey! I am a Minecraft PS4 YouTuber that is looking for other people to make videos with. Leave a reply if your interested and I will check if our personalities align or whatever. Thanks for your time :)
  5. TheMiningBrothers

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborator

    Hey, I am an extremely small YouTuber (2 subs on 5/24/17) and I was going to ask some people if they would like to collaborate with me. The requirements: Must have Minecraft PC Edition for more than 6 months Must have Skype (Not Discord since it B.S.O.D.'s my laptop) Must have at least 3 subs...
  6. A

    Gaming Looking for serious collaboration. (Minecraft)

    Hey there everyone, my name is Amel and I m kinda new to this youtube and just upload three youtube vids in my channel. Right now, I m trying to search collaborators who plays minecraft. It can be skywars, survival game, money wars, etc. My skype is KizukiKai. Feel free to chat or play with me...