1. videos4everythings

    Other Collaborator wanted

    Hi, i am new to collaboration topic. i have never collaborated with anyone till now. if anyone interested to collaborate please let me know. My channel name is video4 everythings. So it contains wide range of videos. But my channel has few viewers and subscribe now. but recently its increasing...
  2. G

    Short Film Lets Work Together! Looking for Talented Film Producers!

    Hi All, I am new member and hope everyone is well! :) I am one of the co-founders of Stream Go Media , Ad Tech & Video Content Distribution company, headquartered in New York. We are in the process of creating our own OTT video content channels and we are looking to licensing video content...
  3. ProXima123

    BEYOND ROCKETS: Space Elevators

    Since the 40’s Rockets have been used as a means to reach that goal, but even then, as dependent on them as we are, they are still far from an affordable means of breaking through our planets orbit which keeps us confined to Earth. The average cost of a rocket sending 1 pound to Earth's orbit is...
  4. ProXima123

    BEYOND ROCKETS: Space Elevators

    Since the 40’s Rockets have been used as a means to reach that goal, but even then, as dependent on them as we are, they are still far from an affordable means of breaking through our planets orbit which keeps us confined to Earth. The average cost of a rocket sending 1 pound to Earth's orbit is...
  5. ProXima123

    New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse

    New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse New Glenn is a privately funded orbital launch vehicle currently being developed by Blue origin. The New Glenn rocket will be a 7 meter in diameter (23 ft) two-stage orbital launch rocket, with an optional third stage. New Glenn rocket like most...
  6. Curiosity Ridge

    Can Machines Think? | Byte Sized Content | Curiosity Ridge

    Hey, Check out our newest video "Can Machine Think?" This is the first video of summer and I aim to make one video of this Quality and Length per week. Let me know what you think!
  7. Curiosity Ridge

    METAL Lighter than a FEATHER?!

    Hey Everyone! When you think of light weight metals, Aluminium is probably one of the first that come to mind, but a new supermarket is about to change the definition of light, by being lighter than a feather!
  8. Curiosity Ridge

    First 20 subs on Science channel!

    I managed to get my first 20 subscribers on my channel VideoDoseDaily! I am so thrilled that people are taking an interest in my Science and technology vids! Heres to humble beginnings, let's try for 25 now!
  9. Column 1

    How I make alien looking crystals!

    What is up everybody, I recently made a video (tutorial, really) on how I make bismuth crystals, which are rainbow, metallic, beauteous, cubed looking things, and they are EPIC!! Anyways, without further ado, here's the video:
  10. The Guillotine Channel

    Oobleck experiment!

  11. M

    Other Collab on Tech/Science/DIY/Invention/Electronics

    Hi I have a youtube channel on tech, science, diy, invention and electronics. I am looking for a collaboration with someone with similar interests and about 50-200 subscribers. So contact me if you are interested.
  12. Dragonslayer6710

    What happens when a Plasma Ball meets a Synthesizer?

    So I was messing around with my synthesizer the other day and I accidentally turned on my plasma ball which resulted in a cacophony of noise from my synth. For some reason, a current from the plasma ball was interferring with the synth and making it play a bunch of random notes and messed with...
  13. TechSpotJosh

    New to YouTube - Comedy News Satire

    The TechSpot Tasting Nintendo Switch Cartridges Challenge!? Hello everyone! I am new to YouTube and this community. I'm hoping to get some feedback on how I can better push my content out there. Any technical feedback / creative feedback is welcome as well. Thank you for taking the time to...
  14. CelyD87

    Cool Science Experiments for Kids to do at Home including Erupting Volcano

    If I can improve in anything please let me know:) Thanks Jordans Adventures and Toys
  15. Becca Clansey


    Hi Everyone!! Thought I would introduce myself to the forum by sharing the favourite video I've ever done :D I look forward to getting to know lots of you better and exploring the forum some more! Thank you :)
  16. Yusef472

    My new video is weak.

    Hi, I just finished working on a new video for my channel and it feels weak. The best way I can think of describing it is like a snow-cone without the flavouring. Compared to my other two videos I feel that the cinematography has improved heaps but the actual content is lacking. Feedback...
  17. Yusef472

    What science experiments do you want to see?

    I'd love some suggestions for a science demonstration video. Lemme know if you have any ideas, if I use one of yours I'll mention you in the video. Cheers, Yusef
  18. c4alan92

    a professional Entertainment channel

    Hi everyone here is my new tech, entertainment channel, I am doing my best to bring best quality contents, , See it here Thanks for your support
  19. c4alan92

    CrazyChimp, A Professional Entertainment, Tech Channel

    Hi, Here is my New channel, "CrazyChimp" it is a professional, tech, science, entertainment channel, we do our best to bring quality content to our subscribers.. Will be happe if you check it here
  20. ScienceIsFun

    Which Endscreen Do You Like More?

    Hi! I'm looking for help with a couple of things: 1) General channel feedback (link in signature I imagine) - what is your first impression when you see my channel, what would you change, what do you like? Which thumbnail/title draws your attention and peaks your curiosity, and which would you...
  21. Failproductions

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in deep east Texas?

    We're in Nacogdoches, but willing to travel in some cases. We do science type experiements, destruction, self made tools of destruction such as the guillotine we just posted today, explosions, ect..!
  22. Failproductions

    Other Destruction Genre Collabs!

    We destroy things in various different ways! So if you believe destruction fits your style/type of video.. let us know!! We do guns, explosions, guillotine(NEW!), Acid, and any other method of destruction that is entertaining or cool/fun!
  23. ScienceIsFun

    Seeking feedback on science video [4:30] - happy to return favour

    Hi there :) I've been making fortnightly videos, taking on board the advice I received early on from here - improving audio, framing self closer to camera etc.. I'm interested in knowing whether you enjoy this particular style of presentation - do you find the topic interesting, is the...
  24. ScienceIsFun

    40 subs ~ doubled after first video!!

    Small number for some, but after posting my first video, the number of people subscribed to my channel just doubled! I know most are people I know and who are close to me, but it is encouraging that so many people decided to join me in one day after just making one video. Now to live up to it...
  25. ScienceIsFun

    Would love feedback on how I come across on camera

    I made my first YouTube video where I talk about some fun scientific facts of cuttlefish. I'm trying to improve my communication skills, so I'd love to hear your opinion of: > How do I come across on camera? Some people told me they thought I spoke a bit fast which I thought was normal on...
  26. W

    Please review my video

    I just made this video today and was woundering if anyone wanted to review it to see if its any good. It is a science video so I hope you enjoy science. I think the idea is pretty cool, I just want to know what you think.
  27. Yusef472

    Burning hydrogen gas!

    Hey! In this video I make hydrogen using hydrochloric acid and aluminium foil. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out :)
  28. Yusef472

    Other Science channels unite!

    Hey! After looking around here for a while I haven't noticed many science channels, so if you do run one maybe we could do some sort of fun collab? If there is more than two us that would be even more fun... The more the merrier right? Perhaps this could become a small circle of us working...
  29. Yusef472

    Making hydrogen gas and igniting it!!!

    I make hydrogen using hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) and aluminum foil, and of course I burn it... Who wouldn't? :D Here's the video:
  30. TheBoothParadigm

    Request: Science Based Seminar Channels

    This may seem incredibly nerdy, but I love watching science seminars and discussions (particularly Psychology and Physics) from university's, colleges, ted talks and other such places. However it is hard to find a channel on youtube or even a forum on the web that consistently posts new...