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New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse

New Glenn is a privately funded orbital launch vehicle currently being developed by Blue origin. The New Glenn rocket will be a 7 meter in diameter (23 ft) two-stage orbital launch rocket, with an optional third stage. New Glenn rocket like most “reusable” rockets, such as the current falcon heavy developed by Spacex, will most likely only have a reusable first stage. While the second potential and optional third stages will be expendable. Like all other “reusable rockets” such as all of spacex’ rockets currently are, the new glenn will most likely be no different. Jeff Bezos, richest person in the world, owner and ceo Amazon and Blue Origin has been working on concepts of this new Glenn rocket since 2012. Named in remembrance of the first American astronaut to orbit the earth in 1963, John Glenn. And returned to orbit in 1998, for the space shuttle mission, at the age of 78. Not only holding the record for being the first person to orbit in space, But holding the record for being the oldest person in space! The New Glenn will most likely be blue Origins most multi purpose workhorse yet. Planned to make its first flight in 2020, comparable in size with the first interplanetary transport system (BFR) by Spacex, bigger than Falcon Heavy, but most likely smaller than BFR. With the Two-stage version standing at around 86 meters (283 feet) tall. The three-stage version at a height of 99 meters (326 feet) Its main objective is to transport cargo and payload to low earth orbit and geostationary orbit at around the 29,000 - 99,000 lb ranges. 29,000 for geostationary orbit and 99,000 for low earth orbit. The fuel will be liquid oxygen and liquefied natural gas for the First stage. Liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for the Upper Stages. Once above the Earth New Glenn will separate and release its payload en route to its mission, whether delivering stuff to the space station, delivering a satellite or telescope into orbit, or even potentially sending manned spacecraft on missions into space, The first stage will separate and head back down onto the ship’s landing pad. Much like SpaceX’ recent and successful process. That is where the ‘reusability’ comes in. As said in a recent video of mine, Jeff Bezos invision trillions of humans living, working, and playing in the cosmos, namely our solar system, and beyond! The upcoming privatized space race is just the first step, and Blue Origin is betting a lot on their new workhorse to compete with spacex’s falcon heavy’s and BFR, and Nasa’s SLS. The new glenn rocket along with the plethora of current and upcoming reusable rockets will slowly usher in a new era where space travel is commonplace, where you, I, and the average person can travel among our solar system and beyond, something never done in the history of space travel.