1. ProXima123

    New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse

    New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse New Glenn is a privately funded orbital launch vehicle currently being developed by Blue origin. The New Glenn rocket will be a 7 meter in diameter (23 ft) two-stage orbital launch rocket, with an optional third stage. New Glenn rocket like most...
  2. ProXima123

    THE TIME IS NOW. Mars Base Camp 2028 - Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed Martin recently announced plans to set up a Mars base orbiting the red planet, known as ‘Mars Base Camp.’ During the International Astronautical Congress in late 2017, Lockheed Martin unveiled it’s plans for a Mars Base Camp initiative. The architecture would involve sending crews to...
  3. S

    oh my I did terrible didn't I? | ROCKET LEAGUE

    So yeah I made another Rocket League video, and I did very poorly in this one. Check it out and tell me what you think.! bump
  4. Foxbarr

    Road to Platinum Rocket League series on my channel!

    Hey guys! Me and the co-owner of our channel ScottishGamersHD have started a new series on Rocket League and I'd like your views on our videos, thanks! We swear in our videos too so if you're more of a PG kinda person then I'd stay away haha