1. ProXima123

    New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse

    New Glenn - Blue Origins Reusable Workhorse New Glenn is a privately funded orbital launch vehicle currently being developed by Blue origin. The New Glenn rocket will be a 7 meter in diameter (23 ft) two-stage orbital launch rocket, with an optional third stage. New Glenn rocket like most...
  2. N

    Services Affordable Quality Licensed Background Music for your Videos

    Hi there from "Nikitsan Music" We offer simple way to get great background music for almost any genre of video. "Nikitsan Music" contain hi quality small musical pieces with royalty free license which will save your subscribers from annoying ads. Please take a listen, maybe you find perfect...
  3. Elissa Jordan

    Stay Strong! A Message to People With Depression

    Hey there! So, about a year ago, I did a collab with many of you here on YTTalk called "Stay Strong". It was a video for people struggling with depression and contained uplifting words from many different content creators on YouTube. I am so very proud of this video and, despite the fact it was...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    My new song is here what do you think?

    So as you all know i have been struggling, with producing content so far this year. To keep producing content i have decided to do all kinds of videos, I haven't produced a song for a while so i thought why not! Here is my brand new Song (Single) Family! :D I hope you like it and Enjoy! let me...
  5. Julius Gacgacao

    I Need Music Suggestions!

    I need some songs suggestions. For my state track and field meet Songs that are uplifting, positive energy or adventure. Anything with that genre.
  6. paigelknowles

    Hey have you ever had someone say something to you outrageously inappropriate while at work?

    That happened to me just a couple of days ago and I made a video reflecting on my reaction to it!! Watch it here and SUBSCRIBE if you like it Thanks for your support!!