Gaming someone to start podcast with. 6k sub gaming channel.


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Hey guys, my name is TJFL and im looking to start a podcast on my channel fairly soon. I have a healthy channel which is constantly growing and im looking to collaborate with other youtubers out there. You must be interested in the latest gaming news and have a good set up!. I'll be looking to do a podcast perhaps twice a month at first to trial it.
I have a few requirements:
500+ subs
A channel that posts regularly
A gaming geek
Good banter
Able to cross promote fanbase.

If you're not able to achieve any of the above, Come back when you get there!

email me:


PS: don't click the hyperlink it takes you to a dead channel not mine. just search TJFL my channel is the first one
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Oof Gamer, I don't know if your going to find many channels who fit all the requirements, cause 800 subs is a lot, especially since the gaming forums mainly consist of people with 500 subs or lower. I would just say no sub-requirement, just makes quality content, and then speak to them and see if you can connect with them, cause if you can't the podcast will be boring. There might be one or two people who actually meet your requirements and will reach out to you, but they most likely won't connect with you, so you might want to broaden your view a bit. You don't have to, I'm just trying to you a bit of friendly advice, and I know the 800+ subs thing is to make sure you get something out of the collab and you aren't getting leached off of, but if you want to get people who won't leach off of you, just make some friends on here and then invite them to make a podcast with you.