1. M

    Meet Up/Gathering YouTube Collaboration

    Hello everyone! I’m a passionate YouTube content creator, and I’m looking for a like-minded partner to collaborate with me on my YouTube channel. Due to my busy schedule, I can no longer work on the channel alone and would love to have someone join...
  2. M

    Other YouTube collaboration

    Hello everyone! I’m a passionate YouTube content creator, and I’m looking for a like-minded partner to collaborate with me on my YouTube channel. Due to my busy schedule, I can no longer work on the channel alone and would love to have someone join...
  3. xxkittylee

    Meet Up/Gathering New youtuber from Maryland! Anyone want to collaborate in maryland?

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel few months back. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland...
  4. Dmenace

    Meet Up/Gathering Any extrimal from Germany ?

    I just moved to Germany and would love to meet with youtubers from Germany and the surrounding. Maybe we even fit for a collaboration:) Feel free to connect me :) Here's my channel :)
  5. A

    Gaming PC, Cross-Platform Gaming For Call Of Duty, 18+ and No Sub Amount Needed

    (This Has been edited on 01/04/2020) Why I've Changed This Thread I've decided to change the content I'm doing on my YouTube channel to be mainly focused on Call Of Duty. I've been playing various games with other YouTubers in the past but decided to focus on one game. Once or twice a week I...
  6. Skee_Ball60

    Gaming Funny Moments Collaboration

    Now I know I have 10 subscribers and only 218 views but I think it would help me if I played with a group. Age limit: 18+ I play PVZ Garden Warfare 2, Dead by daylight, Friday the 13th, GTA V, LittleBigPlanet 3, Rocket League, Overwatch, COD Black Ops, COD WWII, and COD Modern Warface...
  7. N

    Gaming Minecraft and other gaming collabs

    Hi i just recently made this account and the reason to why is to get a group of gamers to play on a minecraft server whether its modded or vanilla but im looking for people with good commentary and also do YouTube and the age range of 17+ (im 22) my discord is IshMeister#4544 so add me up and...
  8. Heroiism

    Gaming PC Youtubers Looking for Group Recordings/Growth

    I'll make this short and simple :) Myself & two other Youtubers have been recording together for a couple years now and are looking to meet some people who are interested in consistent collaborations and growth. We play mostly on PC and are open to any games that could potentially make for...
  9. C

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers Wanting To Collab!

    I am looking to collab with others and become friends :) Here are the requirements: Must be 17-25 Must have a decent mic Any Console but I am on PC Must be active[/B] My time zone is BST but I'll accept other time zones if it's not too different Must speak English My Channel names: Carlo202...
  10. T

    Gaming someone to start podcast with. 6k sub gaming channel.

    Hey guys, my name is TJFL and im looking to start a podcast on my channel fairly soon. I have a healthy channel which is constantly growing and im looking to collaborate with other youtubers out there. You must be interested in the latest gaming news and have a good set up!. I'll be looking to...
  11. Fikitooria

    Vlog Collaboration in Nigeria

    My channel is small. But, i will appreciate a collaboration with fellow youtubers, in the health (women) , vlog or crafts/diy niche. Email is
  12. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Youtubers (PC)

    Hello! I'm looking to find some funny youtubers that my friends and I can record with. I currently have 2 channels. One channel has over 3.4k subscribers and the other one which I post funny stuff has around 170. I'm only looking for people who seriously want to grow on Youtube. If you post...
  13. duncan_m

    Vlog UK: London/Essex Collab, have 42ft yacht

    Hey there, relatively new to YouTube, I've been pushing out occasional videos as we get our 42ft sailboat ready for an extended trip. I've got some time off coming up ~12th Oct onwards and was thinking that it might be interesting to meetup/collab with some other YouTubers. Could just be in...
  14. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & long time members

    We’re looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, being in a gaming group environment and contributing to gaming podcasts. Here’s our list of what we want and don’t want in the process of looking for more cool...
  15. G

    Vlog Collab 14K followers on twitter

    Hey! My name is Gabe and if you want to collab for you YT channel send me DM on Twitter. "@GabrielBurruel" we can grow together. We can do challenge, tags, games, Etc. Just send me DM on Twitter and u propose
  16. I

    Gaming Looking for PS4 Collabs

    Looking for people to collaborate with on PS4. I mainly play Fortnite at the moment. I only have 9 Subs but I haven’t stuck to a schedule hence why such low numbers. If you want to collab then comment below and I will get back to you asap
  17. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Youtubers in NW Arkansas?

    My boyfriend and I have a Family YouTube channel, We have a little boy that's 9 months old. We do pranks, Vlogs, challenges, reaction videos and more. We have 1,100 subscribers on YouTube and 11,490 video views in all. We live in northwest arkansas and were looking for other COUPLE CHANNELS to...
  18. FPSsufferpoo1

    Gaming Playstation 4 Gaming group

    I play/ upload: NBA 2k18, Call of Duty WW2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. I also have GTA 5 but do not currently upload it. I have 632 subs and over 120k views. My PSN: SufferYT I also live in New Zealand so it would be easier if you live here or in Austrailia. Let me know your age, youtube...
  19. Violet

    Looking for YouTubers who does Educational Videos/Tutorials

    Hi, I'm Violet Yap from Singapore. I would like to collaborate with YouTubers who does any form of Educational Videos & Tutorials to allow me to place their YouTube links for free on my Online Tutorial Platform. It's a Singapore startup but I'm opening up to Global Educators. I would most...
  20. PotatoVillager

    Gaming Looking for youtubers to collab with [PC ONLY] (no subscriber limit)

    My name is Mihael, I'm 18 and I come from Slovenia. I'm currently making videos on my own and sometimes I do it with my friend Sam from Canada, who's 15 and also has a YouTube channel... I myself used to have 6000 subscribers but I have created a new channel (long story) where I have 83...
  21. D

    Gaming Xbox One and/or PC friends

    starting a new channel and wanting to start a group like the crew and vanoss with his group. No requirements guys and girls welcome. If interested leave a reply. Thanks!
  22. OneManOneMic

    Music Music Parodies

    I like to make funny songs, either parodies (check out my "Broccoli Parody - Pumpkin Spice Latte Rap") or songs with funny concepts (3rd Grade Rap Battle or 2016 Year in Review Rap). If you check out my stuff (Just click my YouTube link below) and think we could make something great together...
  23. Josh Alexander

    Gaming Looking for PC Rainbow 6 Siege Youtubers!!!

    I am currently looking for rainbow six siege youtubers to collab with. No matter how big or small the channel is. Please let me know by messaging me on twitter or on this forum. Thanks!!
  24. gunslingin_diva

    Gaming Looking for some peeps to start an ARK series on PC with

    Hey all. I JUST started my channel and have purchased a brand new server! I've added a few mods, but we can work at running this server together to make it amazing for youtube! I'd like to start an ARK series and do some random let's play videos as well. I've got some great ideas :D I don't...
  25. Domo

    Gaming Gaming Group XB1 and Pc

    Alright I'm looking for people to start a group. A crew you could say. The two platforms are Xbox one and Pc. I have about 3 other members already in the crew and I'mlooking for more. This crew will really record the togrther and grow together. I feel you're interested message me on twitter for...
  26. Domo

    Gaming Looking for a crew

    How's it going man? Good alright now let me cut to the chase lol. I'm looking for people to make a group. A crew you could say. It's not going to be that Faze clan s**t No. it's going to be a content creation crew, where we record together and grow together. I like your editing style and your...
  27. H

    Vlog Looking to collaborate

    Hey, I'm Hispdr and I'm a LA based vlogger who is looking for people to collaborate with.
  28. N

    Gaming Looking for long term collaboration (PC Gaming)

    I am looking for someone who would like to do videos with me. I am looking towards survival games like 7 days to die, fps games like battlefield 1 or resident evil like games. I am also open to other games as well. Requirements: 1) Able to record 1080p 2) Good quality Microphone (blue yeti or...
  29. KaylaKayyy

    Other Storytime Collab.

    Hey guys! If any of you guys have a crazy roommate story lets collab! I have wanted to a story time collab but none of my friends have any like stories. Doesn't matter how many subs you've got lets just support one another and have fun. Also if we do a virtual collab then we don't need to...