Gaming Looking for long term collaboration (PC Gaming)

I am looking for someone who would like to do videos with me. I am looking towards survival games like 7 days to die, fps games like battlefield 1 or resident evil like games. I am also open to other games as well.

1) Able to record 1080p
2) Good quality Microphone (blue yeti or equivalent)
3) Age 18+
4) Sub count 10+

The purpose of 1080p and good quality microphone as a requirement is because viewers deserve good quality videos. Not a lot of people have these options but you half to think about viewers instead of yourself.

Games I WONT play are: CS:GO, Minecraft, Rocket League, GMOD and others.

Already a couple people said they would collaborate with me and they ended up stopping youtube so you half to be serious about what you do.
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