Vlog UK: London/Essex Collab, have 42ft yacht


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Hey there, relatively new to YouTube, I've been pushing out occasional videos as we get our 42ft sailboat ready for an extended trip.

I've got some time off coming up ~12th Oct onwards and was thinking that it might be interesting to meetup/collab with some other YouTubers. Could just be in the marina or we could go out for a sail. Also have a 3m rib so can film at a distance, go ashore etc.

The boat is in Essex, it takes about 1h from Stratford to get there...

Hit reply and let me know below or DM me.

YT Stats: ~280subs and 110k plays

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Hey my name is Kyle and I just moved to Lakenheath. I started a travel vlog to capture adventures while living here and I’d love to do a collab if you are still interested. I have a Mavic Pro and could get some some cool footage of your yacht. I’ll be away for work in Jan but back in Feb.

If you search “lateknight07” you’ll see my old channel where I have lots of drone footage to give you an example.

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