Gaming PC, Cross-Platform Gaming For Call Of Duty, 18+ and No Sub Amount Needed

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Why I've Changed This Thread

I've decided to change the content I'm doing on my YouTube channel to be mainly focused on Call Of Duty. I've been playing various games with other YouTubers in the past but decided to focus on one game. Once or twice a week I will be uploading a different game on my channel.


1. Have Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. COD Mobile is optional

2. To record between 9 am-1 pm (United Kingdom, British Summer Time).

If you don't have the same time zone it's okay, just long as you're able to record between the times mentioned above

3. Depending on the video idea we are recording it might take between 1-2 hours maybe even longer and a couple of days in a row to do it so be free to record

4. This is the last but of the most important requirements, to be creative with video ideas and always help each other to improve our content

My Discord Name: AMINO#4308

My YouTube Channel:
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Hey, I am down to collab however i work weekends around those times so I can only do later times like around 7ish, I useally get 2 days off during the weekday so I can record then. I will leave you a link to my YouTube channel so you can see the kind of content I do and let me know if you would like to collab

YouTube channel -

Discord - Flimsypigeon#5556
Hi, I am 19 and I am looking to get into YouTube fully as i have tried in the past and due to friends not being able to frequently play and not having the same aspirations as me it hasn't really worked out on multiple occasions. So i would love the opportunity to play games and be able to make good content that I can be proud of. my discord is iinzane#8854

I've sent you a friend request on discord cause I see it as an easier way to get in touch, I have been wanting to branch into youtube but always feel that videos are a lot better with multiple people as its more engaing.
Everything you said for requirements including games I have/meet and Im happy to talk more on discord.

Discord ID: SkyFox#1929