Gaming Apex Legends Collaborations (PC)


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Hey! My name is Tanlian and I am a youtuber, looking for other youtubers/streamers who want to collaborate on Apex Legends!
I have 70 subs and 5k views.
This is a new channel of mine, my old one had 3k subs and 300k views.

My Channel for reference: Tanlian

I am looking for content creators of any size!

CONTENT: Apex Legends
AGE: 16+
MIC: Yes
Quality Content: (Consistent/recent uploads or streams. Good mic.)

How to Contact Me:
Twiiter: @Tanlian9
Discord: Tanlian#9821
Hello I'm Sean, I am inspired and always wanting to start out as an YouTuber, would you mind if I play along with you? :)
Hey Tanlian. Im looking for someone to play and record some apex gameplay. I sent you a friend request in discord :)