Is It Easy To....


Happy New Year
Wazzzzup everyone =)

Okay so i have listen to a lot of podcast and i was wondering how hard is it? How do you set it up? Can you do a podcast solo? I always loved the radio and talking and a podcast i guess you can talk about anything right, so how hard is it to do one? If anyone has a idea i would love hear your answers =)
I think it's great that you're even considering doing a podcast. I, myself, do a podcast, but it's an audio podcast. If you have a microphone and Audacity installed, just record and start talking. Then, make the necessary audio effects and put it into your video editing software. I usually have a particular topic in mind and I try to take it anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour long. I've gotten some pretty good feedback by doing audio podcasts. Since people I knew wanted to listen in to them, I figured that I'd continue doing them and I have. Going solo can be a very good thing, though more people are welcome. By going solo, you can have guests (or other YouTubers) on your podcast. It leads way into collaboration and interacting with your audience via the subject of the topic.