discord collab

  1. B

    Gaming CHINESE WHISPERS DRAWING EDITION | Gartic Phone + Cards with The Aamerkats

    Last night me and the Boys found a new game called Gartic Phone, basically chinese whispers but you draw each others quotes. It's just simply BEAUTIFUL to put it shortly. I hope you all enjoy our sick humour <3 CHINESE WHISPERS DRAWING EDITION | Gartic Phone + Cards
  2. zordhalo

    Gaming Minecraft Collab ( Smp? )

    Hey Guys! My name is Luke and I have been developing a Minecraft server for the past couple of weeks. I am almost done and I need some content creators. It has a huge map and loads of cool plugins, there will also be amazing events so that will definitely be good content. If you would like to...
  3. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for folks versed in variety gaming/survival horror content (Podcast Content Creators)

    Not much to this collab. Just looking for someone versed in the knowledge of variety gaming or survival horror content that can talk about it in a discussion/podcast style format. We also do variety content as well like let's plays, reactions, movie discussions, anime, comics, etc. Those are...
  4. M

    Gaming Looking for Serious, Long-term Collaborations.

    Hello there fellow YouTubers. My name is Alex. I am apart of a group of YouTubers that are trying our best to upload regularly, edit well, and simply have a good time. However, we are in need a few extra YouTubers willing to do the same. I am making this forum to inform everyone that we are...
  5. MAGnify

    Gaming Fortnite, Gmod, CS Etc (ACTIVE PEOPLE)

    Hey guys my names Mike and I'm currently sitting under 200 subscribers and I'm restarting my channel. Im looking for a group of people between 15-18 years old that play popular games such as those mentioned in the title. Im 17 :) Add me on Snapchat: iShartedToday Add me on Instagram...
  6. A

    Other (Collab) Crazy discord videos

    Hi, i am Arzi Plays and i'm looking for some people to maybe play or just be in discord doing something fun. I do have a bit requirements, but you'll probably pass *be atleast 12 years * be under 20 *live in timelines between +00:00 and +04:00 *´Can have any amount of subscribers Thank you...
  7. F

    Gaming Join my YouTube group free steam games

    Hey guys I have recently had an idea for a great group! This group allows you to go to the owners and get a free key this key will be steam games only but for free now you don't always get a chance on getting it. The way it works is a few days later you get the key and you record it and put it...
  8. Edward Okechukwu

    Gaming Looking for pc gamers to form a crew with

    I'm not really strict on when you should be available to record but often will be nice. age requirement 15+ - Gmod - Rocket League - Friday the 13th - Titanfall 2 If you have any of those games and wanna join the crew, then hit me up on discord 3LX#9937
  9. DePhil


    Hei guys, my name is Phil and i"m 17 years old. I want to start a small community of minecraft(pc) youtubers who record videos together we can create a discord messing around and play some nice gameplays. if someone wants this as well please tell me about this. btw i have 250+ subs. sincerly Phil
  10. NuNu91011

    Gaming Collab on PC

    Hey, Some friends and I are looking for people to collab and have fun with. Just be chill and be 14+. (We are not 14) Have at least GMOD, Golf with your friends, GTA V, and Paladins (overwatch). Those are just common games we play. We play much more. Contact me here or message me on Discord...
  11. Minepuns


    Hey fellow viewers Hi guys, I will be collabing my channel with other minecraft players on pc. I would love for the people that want to colab with me to be a very honest channel before you come to email me at LMalloyB@gmail.com and to colab with me you will need to be in discord...
  12. McKoyo

    Gaming Looking for small YouTubers to record/play games with!

    Games I Play -Rust- -GTA V- -Arma 3- -Gang Beasts- -Rocket League- I'm basically looking for more people who are willing to record, play games, and be friends with! Join my discord that I'm trying to start a community with! Here is the invite link: discord.gg/d6eWuu4
  13. Ataviro

    Gaming Looking for YouTube PC Collabs, 14 Yrs Old, 100 subs give or take!

    Hi im interested in collabing in games such as funny moments games- -GTA 5 -CSGO -Rocket League -And More be layed back but kind of involved in the game to the point where it makes things funny!! If you would like to see the videos i record check out my channel! if you would like to see the...