I've Got It
Hello there fellow YouTubers. My name is Alex. I am apart of a group of YouTubers that are trying our best to upload regularly, edit well, and simply have a good time. However, we are in need a few extra YouTubers willing to do the same. I am making this forum to inform everyone that we are serious about YouTube and are looking for long-term collaborators. If you are interested, please understand we have requirements but not many.

You MUST be 18 and older. (Some 17 if eligible)
You MUST have a good quality microphone. (Mostly no headset microphones, no static, no background noise, etc, etc)
You MUST be willing to record. (If you have plans, we understand, but if you have free time, join us)
You MUST be polite. (During recording, everyone can be butts sometimes. But when we are just talking, that is no good)
You MUST be yourself. (Self-explanatory, Do NOT be fake)
You MUST be on at least two times a week to record.

If you fit these requirements, congratulations! We are looking for you!

Here is my channel (Yes I do not have many uploads, I created a new channel since I have a group of people to record with. My old channel is the one with 400+ subs.)
I did also re-upload some of my older videos, the ones without a custom thumbnail.
Games we are currently playing:
Minecraft (Vanilla at the moment, Modded down the road. As well as mini games)
Garry's Mod (All game-modes that are fun and funny)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Of course when it comes out)
And other small games. (including human fall flat and online website games)

Please keep in mind, every new member has two weeks to prove their worth. If you do not show up to most of the recording sessions, you will no longer be apart of the group but can still stay in the discord server to record with others there.

If you are eligible to join us, please contact me at MellishTV#9650 or contact Zapadap#1578 on Discord.